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12 Outspoken Celebrity CBD Advocates

With the 2018 Farm Bill’s passing through Congress, hemp plants are now legally recognized as a separately controlled substance from the rest of the marijuana plant since they contain less than 0.3% of the psychoactive cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

These new legal guidelines have sparked increased research and development of new products extracted from cannabidiol (CBD), which are found in hemp. This rising trend has resulted in the distribution of hemp CBD-derived topical creams, oil tinctures (for humans and pets), vapes, and even gummy bears.

Interestingly enough, a large group of celebrities has already personally used or endorsed CBD brands and products and have found different, and sometimes unique uses for this oil. Many of these celebrities are outspoken advocates for the many potential benefits found in CBD products.

The celebrity influence is not lost on the CBD industry proponents. Celebrity endorsements and increased awareness of CBD products are expected to drive the cannabis and CBD market into an $89.1 billion industry in 2019, a $74.6 billion increase from 2018.

1. Kim Kardashian

CBD bath balmKim Kardashian is one business mogul who is not shy when it comes to her enthusiasm about the healing properties of CBD. Earlier this year, she threw a CBD-themed baby shower which she named “CBD & Meditation” for her fourth child, where guests concocted their own CBD-infused body oils and bath salts. “Because I’m freaking out and the baby is coming in…two weeks, I thought what better way to celebrate than to have a little CBD?” she told People magazine.

Kim was also eager to give her fans some recommendations of the CBD products she found to be most effective for her on Instagram. “Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with CBD everything! This is not an ad…my fave [sic] right now is Pellequr,” she said referring to the topical Korean Pellequer CBD salve, which contains beneficial flavonoids, cannabinoids, and plant terpenes.

Even during her weekends, Kardashian encourages her fans to take it easy by adding CBD oil into their routine. “Let’s zen out for a Saturday,” she said in a caption for a photo depicting her surrounded by meditating guests stretching their bodies on yoga mats. “So everyone have a puff and put on some oil!”

2. Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio maintains her renowned Victoria’s Secret runway model figure by using cosmetic products infused with CBD oil. She claims these products soothe her muscles just before walking on the runway and are a great sleeping aid after a long day at work.

“It’s hard because the mind gets anxious, so I try CBD oil and I think it helps,” she said in an interview with Well+Good in 2017 when she was combatting pre-runway insomnia, implying that CBD can give you a boost even in the fashion world.

3. Jennifer Aniston

When speaking to U.S. Weekly, the all-American actress Jennifer Aniston highlighted her fondness for CBD products since they provide calming effects without any unintended psychoactive side effects. Aniston uses CBD to relax, enhance her well-being, and navigate everyday stresses.

Today, Aniston applies CBD compounds using oil tinctures or through a professionally applied muscle rub.

4. Mandy Moore

cbd cream containerAs a successful singer-songwriter and actress in the comedy-drama series This Is Us, Mandy Moore is often on the red carpet or at award shows in her high heels. However, these glamorous events often lead to painful aftereffects, like feet aches or leg fatigue. Mandy spoke to the The Coveteur earlier this year and lauded CBD products as a great tool for overcoming heel-related discomfort.

“This year, I’m trying some CBD oil on my feet, which my stylist recommended,” she said in a message to her fans as she underscored how easy it is for her skin to absorb the oil. She also mentioned her plans to use CBD oil ahead of future Golden Globes events as a preventative measure.

Many celebrity stylists other than Moore’s have recommended this trick to quick recovery from foot aches.”

Stylist Karla Welch, who has worked for famous personalities like Karlie Kloss, Sarah Paulson, and Ruth Negga, also swears by using CBD creams for aching feet on long red-carpet evenings.

5. Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts, a well-known singer, and actress, was recently reported by U.S. Weekly to be “obsessing over the new Hanna CBD-infused bath tonic.” She has made several Instagram stories regarding CBD products and explained how they help her unwind her whole body.

Mazz Hanna, the creator of Roberts’ favorite tonic, manufactures them as a new-age beauty product. She began the product line after suffering the effects of a sudden car accident.

6. Whoopi Goldberg

As an avid advocate of cannabis and cannabinoids and as the head of her own CBD brand Whoopi & Maya for medical cannabis, Whoopi Goldberg has always been passionate about the gynecological benefits of CBD. Her focus on CBD products is especially geared for women and teenage girls suffering from periods, cramps, nerve pain, menopause, or dysmenorrhea discomfort. This comedian and current host of The View considers herself a living testimonial of the health advantages of cannabidiol, as it helps her cope with discomfort and stress.

“Every new market we are able to expand into is a victory for women looking for relief from pain and menstrual discomfort. I used to be under the table with my cramps, and my daughter and granddaughters are the same way,” Whoopi said in a recent interview about her business. “With all these different [CBD] products, there wasn’t something for women. That says a lot about us as a nation. People don’t think about menstrual cramps as something that’s real.”

7. Seth Rogan

Seth Rogen is not only a comedian known for his talent nation-wide but is also a great supporter of CBD. Rogan founded his own non-profit, pro-CBD organization called Hilarity for Charity. His charity’s message is being heralded in events around the country to make cannabis laws more lenient.

Even on social media, Seth continues to encourage the widespread use of CBD. When a fan on Twitter was complaining about their “restless leg,” he responded to them with just two words: “Try CBD.”

8. Mike Tyson

In a recent appearance, Mike Tyson announced the current development of a new, 40-acre cannabis farm near Los Angeles, California under the name of “Cannabis Resort” which he is subsidizing. The boxer and former champion created his own cannabis strain company and launched a new CBD brand called CopperGel®, which helps relieve hand muscle soreness as well as knee and back muscle inflammation.

In the future, Tyson hopes to broaden his array of hemp products by including CBD-infused beverages, CBD pain ointments, and even cannabis packets.

9. Busy Philipps

cbd ediblesWhen interviewed about her anxiety as an actress, writer, and producer for major shows and movies, Busy Philipps stated that she uses CBD gummies to help her alleviate her stress. “I’ve also done acupuncture for it; the infrared sauna helps, and the CBD…gummies, which I’m a very strong proponent of now.”

The gummies she is referring to aren’t the only CBD edibles in the market, however. CBD capsules are been endorsed by many celebrities as a great snack to alleviate anxiety. These edibles are also bite-sized, which means they can easily be taken on the go.

10. Gwyneth Paltrow

Thanks to her repeated features of CBD on her modern lifestyle brand website Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow is credited today with turning CBD into a trendy ingredient for use in wellness and beauty products within many cosmetic industries today.

In addition to using the compound in her actual products, Paltrow regularly shares tutorials with her fans that detail how to make CBD-infused cocktails create a CBD boutique, and how to integrate CBD meal choices into their dinner plans.

11. Olivia Wilde

Assortment of cannabis topicalsThe House actress and Broadway star swears by CBD products as her go-to for managing activity-induced soreness. She told The New York Times that CBD lotion helped her after an intense bout on Broadway.

She said, “Recently I did a play on Broadway for six months, and my body was wrecked. My neck was really tight. The CBD has relaxing benefits, and the idea is to avoid using too many painkillers.”

12. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is one of the most beloved celebrities in the movie industry. Known for thrillers such as Castaway, Apollo 13, and Forrest Gump, Hanks believes in the benefits of CBD so much that he is working with Cornell University researchers to explore CBD’s impact on Type 2 diabetes.

Hanks first discovered CBD when he found it helped with inflammation and activity-induced soreness. This prompted him to become an advocate for the CBD industry, as he believes in CBD’s many potential health benefits.

Last Word

Many world-class athletes and celebrities use and endorse CBD to quell their discomfort and stress from everyday tasks and injuries. If these celebrity testimonials have convinced you to try CBD, ensure you purchase your product from a reputable supplier who sells only organically grown and lab-tested plants for optimum results.

At Kats Botanicals, we believe in the therapeutic benefits of CBD and make it our mission to provide the safest, purest and most effective products on the market.



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