3 Things Shilajit Can Improve In Women

When one thinks of health and wellness, they may consider the outward appearance of a person. Is their body muscular and are they thin and happy? This is a common mistake the human judgment system automatically falls to. In essence, the outward appearance of health is only one portion of what a truly healthy person rounds out to be. People who educate themselves about the importance of health in the body already understands that since the mind is part of the body, the mental state, as well as the physical state of the person, must be up to par if you want to be known for a healthy human being.

Women all over the world want their health to be maintained just as much as the men do. However, it can be tough for the ladies of this world to figure out exactly what is right for them because in their demographic, marketing is generally targeted at the ladies.




Knowing this, these ladies have several different things going on in their minds at once. Perhaps this supplement is what I should be taking? The television mentioned I could lose weight and feel great if I used this product. All day long, an astounding 77% of marketing efforts are geared towards the women and it can be difficult to choose a healthy option for their life.

This article will explain five different ways shilajit can improve bodily performance in women. This covers mental health as well as physical and why people who use shilajit have opened their eyes to a new way of health and wellness that includes the body and also the mind. Women can discover these five performance boosters that can change their life.

#1 – Shilajit Increases Hemoglobin

Studies have shown us that the use of shilajit can increase hemoglobin levels as well as hematocrit and red blood cells. If you’re a woman, this is important to understand because each month, during menstruation, women experience a heavy loss of blood in the body. Over time this can lead to a problem of iron deficiency anemia. Iron anemia simply means the body loses adequate red blood cells. These red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body’s tissues and cells. One of the symptoms is shortness of breath, and can lead to even more serious issues.

Shilajit has been known as a great source of iron supplements and, while many women may not think of this as an important element, it is a very concerning problem and one which shouldn’t be ignored if menstruation is consistently heavy.

#2 – Shilajit Improves Fertility

Over 10% of all women in America cannot have children. This is about 6.1 million women who discover they are barren and can be very devastating, especially if the woman desired children. However, one study suggests shilajit could improve fertility in women.

Through using models of rats, scientists began to discover more aspects about shilajit in the fertility arena. Shilajit was orally given to both the male and female rats for seven weeks. They later revealed their examinations over time was an increase in seminiferous tubular cell layers in the male rats, meaning the number of sperm count was higher over time. In the female rats, they discovered a higher ovulation-inducing activity.

This comes as a very high promise to both male and female individuals who are having a hard time getting pregnant with their partner. Shilajit can boost this portion of the body and is said to even have the power to make your family grow larger.

#3 – Shilajit Strengthens Bones

One of the most dreaded events in a woman’s life is menopause, as it brings significant changes to their body. The events leading up to, during, and post-action can all affect a woman on both a physical and mental level. One of the major symptoms and changes in a woman’s body is the breakdown of bone strength. After menopause, many women lose bone mineral density which can lead to easier breaks.

This study shares how shilajit can strengthen bone density by reducing symptoms of osteoporosis and decreasing fracture risk in women who use shilajit on a consistent basis. The hardships that many women’s body has to endure in perimenopause and postmenopause periods directly affects their body on a negative level. Women who are currently undergoing the stresses of menopause should seriously consider the benefits of shilajit on their body now and in the future.

In Conclusion

Today’s woman is faced with the current stresses of everyday life. They are responsible for many different things and many different people. It is important for the holistic-minded woman to understand all of the benefits that surround her and not be confused by the noise of marketing efforts. Pure and powerful products like shilajit could be the answer she seeks to elevate their mind and body which captures that essence of health and balance women have been looking for. Shilajit is full of opportunities for everyone to discover, but for the woman who seeks the answers to specific wellness questions, shilajit can be the eye-opener she has been needing. This powerful substance has been around for thousands of years convincing people all over the world of its uses and benefits. It truly is a miracle compound that can open the door to health and wellness.

Written By Staff

The staff writers for Kats Botanicals have been researching and writing about CBD and Kratom products for more than 5 years, and have a combined experience of over 35 years of writing in the healthcare and supplement industry. The team has a keen understanding of the topic, remain current on all FDA and industry news, and use their expertise to generate engaging and informative content to help educate consumers on Kats Botanicals’ products. Each article is fact-checked and includes sources to scientific data to ensure readers receive the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

Reviewed By Justin Kats

Justin Kats, founder of Kats Botanicals reviews and approves all content before releasing it for posting on the Kats Botanical website. Justin has been a tireless advocate for the benefits of CBD and Kratom since 2012. As a champion for botanical therapy, Justin created a Facebook group where more than 12,000 people discuss botanicals, CBD and Kratom. He has also assisted more than 80,000 customers since the inception of his business and works directly with a single source farmer to ensure the purity of the products he sells. He also performs rigorous lab testing because he understands what it takes to get a high-quality and safe product to market.

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