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What Athletes Should Know About CBD

Athletes all over the country are currently benefiting from the results of using CBD in their routine before and after a strenuous event or activity. In the past, CBD was a banned substance in the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list. By early 2018, WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) had removed CBD from this restrictive list and athletes across the country were free to experience the effects of this compound in their diet.

Athletes are constantly putting their bodies through high amounts of stress with training or from the physical activity of their sport itself. Over time, this trauma and wear and tear on the body can have a negative affect, thereby causing the individual to start thinking about remedies they can use to help their body. Athletes who have discovered CBD have begun to realize there are positive aspects that come with this compound. These ideas are what every athlete, or someone who participates in strenuous activities, should know about CBD.

Full Spectrum vs CBD Isolate

When considering CBD for an active routine, one can begin to understand the many options they have to experience CBD. One combination of choices is whether to choose full spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate. The recent Farm Bill of 2018 made hemp legal, however, the law requires THC levels to be 0.3 percent or less. Different products will end up having different amounts in each full spectrum CBD oil tincture and this could mean there is a chance THC will show up in a drug screening test. While the WADA did raise the urinary threshold of THC, experts advise that athletes under the umbrella of WADA should consistently use CBD isolate until these parameters change for them.

If someone doesn’t fall under the rule of WADA or regular drug screenings, full spectrum CBD oil is the best option. With this full spectrum blend, the person is getting all of the ingredients from the hemp plant in one dose. This creates a lot of valuable factors for the user, including a more enhanced endocannabinoid system that responds to “The Entourage Effect” quicker and more effectively. This doesn’t mean CBD isolate isn’t powerful either, cannabidiol alone touts many benefits as well. Athletes who are looking for an alternative option can lean on either one of these products to help with their needs.

#1 – Aids with Physical Stress

CBD is becoming more popular with professional athletes. Like golfers, who experience sore muscles, among other problems, CBD is a great addition to the mix in these cases. Athletes who participate in sports or even difficult activities at work, will eventually end up with symptoms like pain and inflammation that may lead to chronic pain over time. These athletes who use CBD have reported that the CBD in the hemp plant helps to speed up their recovery time when their body just doesn’t want to perform.

Professional athletes who play high impact sports put their bodies on the line every day, and not just during game time. When they’re not playing, they are involved in strenuous training activities. Both of these activities can prove very stressful on the body when done on a daily basis. When this happens the athlete may be tempted to take NSAID’s for their pain. While NSAID’s (Non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) usually do the job they’re made for, they act as a pain suppressant.

The body has CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are cannabinoid receivers located throughout the body. CBD automatically binds to the receptor locations directly where the pain resides. Long term use of NSAID’s could lead to different problems and CBD seems to be the best option for people who are experiencing these negative effects of NSAID’s in their body. The body must always maintain and then settle back down to homeostasis, which is a more balanced state of health and wellness. When the body is injured, or goes through strenuous physical stress like sports or exercise, native endocannabinoids in the body begin to increase in order to resolve certain physical issues the body has put upon itself during the time of stress. Some scientists have even claimed that it is these endocannabinoids, not endorphins, that are responsible for what is known as the ‘runner’s high’, or the pleasant feeling after exercising.

#2 – Aids with Joint Health

This study shared how the athletes who continually participate in strenuous daily training or other activities will usually end up with osteoarthritis.

the more time they spend engaging in occupational and recreational activities, their higher predisposition to injuries contribute to their higher likelihood of developing OA. ~Adae Amoako

CBD is not proven in the lab to induce higher performance in athletes, however, since CBD binds to different CB receptors in the human body, studies have shown, that CBD could help reduce inflammation and pain. The main reason for this cause is through the endocannabinoid system and how it plays a major role when CBD is introduced into the body. Inflammation is an ongoing problem for athletes around the globe and one of the reasons so many athletes have to sit out or retire sooner than expected. Cannabidiol could be an emergent therapeutic strategy for eliminating these problems due to oxidative stress, an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. While this research is still in early stages of completion, it appears that CBD could be on the right track to help athletes better protect themselves with these occurring instances.

#3 – Aids with Rest

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important factors of recovery from strenuous activities. The body thrives during the day because of the amount of rest the brain gets the night before. Athletes are no different. Before the big event, it’s important that the body rests and recharges so they can perform at a high level the next day. Better rest not only makes the athlete do their best, but rest can also prevent injury and keep the body alert. Athletes can also achieve greater gains with good sleep as well.

According to the World Health Organization in their 2017 publication, they revealed that CBD could help the subject attain a deeper sleep which helps in various areas of the mental and physical state. Adenosine, a molecule that plays an important role in the transfer of energy, begins to break down during the day as the body burns carbs for energy. This causes adenosine to build up in the brain. When the body is sleeping, it metabolizes adenosine. CBD could help inhibit adenosine to allow the body to fall asleep sooner to have restful sleep.

#4 – Aids with Intestinal Irritability

People who participate in strenuous tasks or activities every day usually force their body to go into overtime mode. Dehydration and overheating are two major problems in athletes or other people who have experienced strenuous activity. If a person has an underlying inflammation issue that contributes to a gut complication, dehydration and overheating could become a problem. The CB1 and CB2 receptors are all over the body, including in the gut/colon and this could have a positive experience for the user in these cases. One study revealed how cannabidiol could be helpful in treating inflammatory bowel disease by using mice models. However, scientists added that there is a lack of clinical studies that could support this evidence in humans at this time.

Athletes Love CBD

The sports world is slowing releasing the grip it has on CBD and other CBD products, allowing athletes all over the world to experience the benefits of this compound. CBD is generally considered a safe product to use, even at high doses. People who are not professional athletes under the umbrella of the WADA can begin experiencing the benefits of CBD right now and see why so many professionals are starting to use this product daily. Many athletes reported better recovery and managing discomfort to be the main reasons they use CBD daily. People who participate in strenuous activities or have a job that requires strenuous tasks daily should add this amazing supplement to their daily routine and discover the power of CBD.

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