3 Facts About Pure CBD Oil the FDA Doesn’t Want You To Know

If you are someone who is concerned with their health and wellness, bringing natural CBD oil into your routine is a natural and safe alternative. Recently, it feels like a lot of natural options are being put under scrutiny by our government, scheduled, and then repackaged in the form of a prescribed medicine. One case in particular is the well-known “Epidiolex, a marijuana based medicine which the FDA announced will treat a rare form of epilepsy.

Gee, thanks. Had they not snatched it away from us back in the 1970’s under the Controlled Substances Act, which basically established Scheduling for substances which “have potential for abuse”, we could have been actively engaging in this particular form of wellness daily, and without fear of jail time.

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It’s the same story every time. We have nature’s gifts from Mother Nature at our disposal which grow to help us establish a holistic style of living in both mind and body. Lately, it seems like our government doesn’t want us to completely understand what’s going on, and would rather have us at the mercy of the doctors and pharmacies. I for one, am not going to sit idly by and watch natural relief pass me by.

One of these amazing offerings from Mother Nature is pure CBD oil. Here are the three most important applications of pure CBD oil and why the government wants to keep them a secret. Please note, all of the facts below come from published scientific studies on CBD oil.

#1 – Pure CBD Oil Study on Skin Application

If you have used CBD for any amount of time, you probably already understand the many benefits of what it can do. What you may not know is CBD can come in many different forms. A study from the European Journal of Pain shared an animal model where they applied CBD cream on the skin. Their study showed an informative presentation on how CBD has been known to relieve inflammation due to arthritis pain.

This study from the NCBI shares how pure CBD oil has also been known to relieve neuropathic pain and also went on to say this:

An Investigational New Drug application to conduct advanced clinical trials for cancer pain was approved by the US FDA in January 2006. Cannabinoid analgesics have generally been well tolerated in clinical trials with acceptable adverse event profiles. Their adjunctive addition to the pharmacological armamentarium for treatment of pain shows great promise.

In the above article we shared about CBD cream, there are many different benefits from using the cream versus the oil. You must understand the best options for your particular circumstance. In the end, CBD is not just meant to take orally, and this is just one fascinating aspect of CBD that the FDA doesn’t want you to know about.

#2 – The Addiction Institute Study

A study done by Yasmin Hurd shares whether or not pure CBD oil can help prevent relapse in opiate abusers. Hurd has been exploring both hemp and cannabis to discover more avenues of use and advantages in these areas.

Hurd is known for her rally of top scientists and researchers to find more facts on the science of how CBD oil can help with the opioid crisis. Hurd believes that cannabidiol holds the potential to chase away the substance cravings. She believes there is a biology within the addiction process and wants to learn more.

In her research on animals, the compound has decreased cravings and anxiety without producing any psychoactive effects. But she’s not sure why, exactly, it’s working. So at the same time, she’s orchestrating studies to delve into the biology that underlies addiction. Source: StatNews.com

Nonetheless, the FDA would have us keep quiet about these scientific facts. The “medical claims,” as they say, and sharing information with the public which cannot be substantiated by facts or research (according to them) is not to be declared. As you know, Schedule I drugs are put on this list because of their lack of medicinal use. However, there are individual instances and experiences which suggest the exact opposite of what most of these natural organic (yet still scheduled) plants can really do for us. With the legalization of hemp in December 2018, it seems that the game plan is crumbling. It will be increasingly difficult to keep quiet regarding the natural uses of these plants.

#3 – Does The FDA Have Interests With Big Pharma?

One of the things about pure CBD oil that the government definitely doesn’t want you to know about is the fact that prior instances and circumstances have displayed the FDA’s continued ‘coziness’ with large pharmaceutical companies and their interests.

Recently, our President signed the Farm Bill making CBD and hemp legal across the board. If you were like me, you probably sighed with relief. Now we finally have an organic compound to help achieve greater health and wellness.

The FDA seems to have missed that memo by casting a shadow on CBD saying it’s still illegal.

The full force of the FDA still lingers within our society. Reports have shown the majority of doctors who oversee FDA drug approval, receive payments from the companies they monitor. Not only that, recently, the ever-so-large corporation called Facebook began to close down and ban CBD and hemp oil business pages, accusing them of promoting pharmaceuticals.

Seemingly, the effects of the FDA and big pharma are bearing down on corporations such as Facebook which have definitive influence over the masses, who spend the majority of their time on there. The Free Thought Project also points out that business pages like Pfizer, who DO promote the sale of dangerous pharmaceuticals, are still active.

This proves that the government has taken one more step to being actively engaged in, not only in what we consume physically, but also what we consume mentally through the consumption of content online and social media. Just to point out, Facebook partnered with the Atlantic Council, and here’s what was said about that:

The Atlantic Council is funded by government which makes this move especially insidious. This is the group that NATO uses to whitewash wars and foster hatred…which in turn allows them to continue to justify themselves. ~The Free Thought Project

In Conclusion

This is not a conspiracy theory. This is happening right now to every one of us who is interested in learning more about pure CBD oil and what it can do for us. Our community of organic and wellness-minded people need to continue to further educate ourselves about the factions of government which could eventually be the downfall of everything we love about holistic life approaches.

In spite of all the FDA’s “efforts, we know the truth. The truth is organic, natural plants that have been studied by scientists to better our health shouldn’t be considered taboo. One would think that the recent legalization of hemp would have given us better leverage within the system, but it looks like we’re going to have to fight a little longer. We know the truth, and the truth will set us free.

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Article by Wade Harman

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