CBD Gummies: Why We Love Them and Why You Should Too

Across the country, people and vendors are sharing various ways for consuming cannabidiol. One can participate in CBD through the use of oils, isolates, tinctures even using it topically with creams, vaping, or through the use of edible gummies.

As recently as 2018, edibles, like CBD gummies, have become popular amongst the CBD community. This article will share why this community is gravitating towards this mode of consumption.

Those who are interested in learning more about CBD gummies should keep in mind that not every state has made CBD legal. Most states are uninformed as to the science behind CBD. This small town in Maine ordered shops to remove all CBD edibles and other CBD products from their shelves because the products had not been approved by the Food and Drug Association. Not only did this hurt the hemp industry in New England, it caused a lot of businesses to lose money because they had invested in hemp after Farm Bill’s approval of the plant.

In spite of the events in Maine, and other events happening in towns across the country, people are continuing their quest to learn more about CBD edibles, like gummies.

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What Are The Benefits Of CBD Gummies?

To open up one’s mind about this popular plant, individuals must understand the entire truth behind it. First, it is important for the user to understand that CBD is not THC. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. This is the marijuana plant that provides the “high”. This study shows how marijuana and hemp share the same family name, but have considerable differences. Once again, for the users’ benefit, hemp is a plant, and marijuana is a plant. The two are not the same.

Next, CBD is one of the 60+ cannabinoid compounds found in the hemp plant. Medical News Today states that people use CBD to “treat a variety of symptoms”, however, they also mention that the use of CBD is still controversial. Dr. Richard A Friedman writes an opinion piece in New York Times magazine where he explains why some people are loving CBD while others are still not sold. Dr. Friedman’s article shares some interesting viewpoints of a patient that claims CBD didn’t help when he tried the oil sublingually, however, when the patient rubbed CBD on his knee, it helped.

It is natural when families want to keep up their wellness through organic resources like hemp. This is for good reason because the NCBI published a study concluding cannabidiol “was well received for people having trouble with anxiety and sleep.” It has also been said, gummies are a great way to consume CBD because of the way the body metabolizes cannabidiol. Interested users must keep in mind that everyone metabolizes food differently, and what works for some, may not worth for others.

Do the benefits of CBD outweigh the risks? A study was completed on cannabidiol and their findings concluded that some may experience the following side effects when consuming CBD: fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, and changes to the subjects appetite and/or weight.

However, those curious to learn more about CBD should understand the benefits as well. Laura Kiesel reports from the Harvard Health blog that CBD may be an option for chronic pain patients as well. It’s been reported that many people also use CBD products in microdoses during their everyday life, whether or not they have pain or other ailments, just as a daily boost.

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are the benefactor of the extracted CBD compound in the hemp plant. Most vendors will sell their gummies without THC, hence the extract method. CBD gummies are sometimes homemade by cannabidiol community members who understand the process, although, it is recommended you stick with a reputable vendor.

It has been said the tricky part about consuming CBD gummies is knowing exactly how much to take. Because everyone metabolizes food at a different rate, depending on the digestion rate of the individual, will depend on how quickly the CBD enters the system.

One fact to consider before someone does buy CBD is to understand how to purchase. Shape Magazine explains that buying CBD products can be pretty scary if the customer doesn’t know what they’re doing. Jennifer Brooks reports from the Star Tribune that since CBD falls into a legal grey area, many vendors can provide these products to the public – and the public doesn’t know to ask for lab reports. In fact, Leafly shared a Virginia Commonwealth University study demonstrating some tainted CBD products. When tested, these products showed traces of everything from cough syrup to synthetic cannabis. It’s important to find a reputable vendor with rigorous lab reports that prove, unequivically, the validity of their products.

Understanding all of the above, gummies are especially optimal for someone who has trouble swallowing a pill, and it is said to be more effective in smaller doses, thanks to the inner workings of the stomach. This effectiveness makes them long lasting and easy on the user. As reported by Gabe Howard, CBD edibles are a very efficient way to get your daily dose.

In Conclusion

Interested parties are curious to learn more about CBD edibles and how this hemp ingredient can benefit their daily lives. Those who are interested, should take into consideration the laws of their state and local township, understand why CBD is needed, and find the best vendor who willfully shares their lab testing results. Since the legalization of the hemp plant through the Farm Bill, the country has taken a step forward to alternative wellness. Aaron Cadena says, CBD can be a life changing health benefit for seniors, it is up to the consumer to determine if CBD can have the same positive effects in their own life. Based on all of the studies and consumer feedback, if you are a potentially interested in CBD there are plenty of options to get started with.

Article by Wade Harman

Wade Harman is a web publisher and researcher with 17 years of experience on Kratom topics. He uses his expertise as a platform to increase education and political awareness within the Kratom community. Wade has been writing about trending topics for the past eight years with top companies in the industry like Social Media Examiner and Convince and Convert. He is also seen on popular internet magazine outlets like Entrepreneur. Wade is passionate about spreading the truth of Kratom and sharing his experiences and expertise with the world. Follow his podcast The Botanical Resistance on iTunes.

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