What You Should Know About CBD Gummies

Some of my favorite distribution of cannabidiol is CBD gummies. These gummies have all of the flavor and potency (plus, fun!), wrapped up in a juicy package that distributes exactly what I need to get on with my day.

For me, CBD gummies are the fun loving side of the CBD family, however, they are not to be taken taken for granted. Their great taste and chewy goodness packs just as big a punch as their vape oil and sublingual oil counterparts do.

If you’re on the fence about our CBD products, we want to describe why CBD gummies may be the best route you can take to enter into the cannabidiol world.

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CBD Gummies


What Are CBD Gummies?

The short version of CBD, or cannabidiol, explains how CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. For a more detailed explanation of what CBD is we have crafted this post for you to read.

Cannabidiol is made available to you in many different forms, gummies being one of them. In fact, CBD edibles are probably the easiest way to experience this goodness if you’re new to the whole process.

In short, cannabidiol gummies achieve the same goal as other CBD products, with almost the same makeup and afterlife.

The Human System and Gummies

In every human being their is a sophisticated receptor headquarters called the Endocannabinoid system.

The important thing to remember is how CBD & THC are two compounds which are extracted from the cannabis plant. While THC and CBD are the two more popular compounds extracted, there are hundreds of cannabinoids that can make your experience with CBD gummies a great one.

Your Endocannabinoid system is the conductor of sorts, directing traffic and communicating with these compounds to personalize your CBD experience. In fact, when used, CBD jump starts your bodies cannabinoid receptors which works out better for you in the long run.

Can CBD Gummies Get You High?

Since CBD edibles are made from isolate, they do not contain THC which is found in the more popular cannabis plant (marijuana). This means there is no mood-altering or mind-altering effects with CBD edibles, oils, or vapes.

CBD edibles are not THC edibles and you should know the difference. When using large amounts of THC, you body could form a tolerance for this compound and you may need to take more over time. CBD is not like this.

In reality, CBD edibles provide just as many effective results as other CBD products. More consistent use of CBD has proven to create a more positive atmosphere for the user over time.

Get To Know Our Gummies

Remember when we explained how our CBD vape oil was made from isolate extract? This isolate means we are using 99% pure cannabidiol, which is more beneficial to the user.

Our gummies are no different. We use this same isolate extract to create our gummies to give you the best possible product; which is both high in potency and quality. This also means you can rest easy knowing each batch of our isolate is put through a rigorous testing process for purity.

When you purchase a pack, you get 10 gummies and each one of these delicious squares contain 10 mg of CBD and no THC.

Why Gummies & Not Another CBD Product?

This decision is purely a personal one. It’s what you like. If you are just getting started in the CBD world and have tried a few CBD Oil products but not the gummies, I would recommend trying the gummies as well.

For me personally, gummies are an easy way to experience the CBD/Endocannabinoid reaction because it’s super easy to consume and tastes great.

However, the effects between gummies and hemp oil are just a little different and here’s why.

As we mentioned before, our gummies are made from pure isolate and pack a huge wallop with your dose. On the other side of that coin you have hemp oil. Hemp oil is made from the entire plant which means you’re getting all kinds of added goodness which consist of cannabinoids like CBDa and THC.

For most of our customers, its a point of preference. Gummies have their own benefits and, if you’ve never tried them yet, I highly recommend it.

In Conclusion

In the CBD world, CBD gummies have their own value to bring to the botanical community. There are people who prefer to dose only with low amounts of THC (which does not come in the gummies) and their are people who prefer only CBD products. Which one are you? We would love to hear about your personal experiences with our CBD products! Take a moment to share this article and let us know on social media!

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