CBD Vape Juice Tips For New Users

Wouldn’t it be nice to inhale relief by using CBD vape juice? Many of our health conscience and wellness-minded customers do it every day with great success.

Over the course of six months, we have been sharing our CBD vape oil tips to new users. Of course, if you are new to this, there are many questions regarding CBD vape oil – and we hope to answer all of them. Our objective is to make sure our current customers and our future ones have all the information they need before getting started with CBD vape juice.

If you’re unsure of what CBD oil is, take a minute to browse this article which will shed some light on this topic. Also, please note that CBD vape oil is not marijuana. There are many people who would falsely label this product as such. There’s an article for that too. When you’re done reading, come back and I’ll share some niche tips on how many people are consuming CBD oil in vape form.

CBD Vape Juice Tips From Kats

CBD vape oil is also known as e-liquid and is usually established with a base of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

A lot of the CBD vape juices are made with CBD isolates, which means you are vaping CBD oil only. This works for a lot of people who want to keep THC out of their system. For others, they prefer the major CBD tinctures which provide the entourage effect of the entire plant of hemp.

Our e-liquids can be vaped and used under the tongue (sublingually). This works well for new users who want to try vaping CBD oil but find out they would rather put this under their tongue than vape the entire product.

Another great tip for new users is to make sure you are using the correct vaporizer with your CBD oil. Honestly, choosing the wrong vaporizer could be a costly mistake. We recommend using a vaporizer with a heated tank and not a cotton wick. This is an especially helpful tip if you’re going to get your product somewhere else besides Kats Botanicals. However, our CBD vape juice is fully mixed and known to work with any type of vaporizer.

Can I Vape Regular CBD Oil?

Did you know that in its isolated state, CBD oil is a solid? In order to break this down and consume as you would in a regular CBD oil tincture, things have to happen, and compounds such as vegetable oils have to be used as a carrier which dissolve the CBD oil so it can be digested and absorbed into your body.

In this state, CBD oil is too thick to be burned in your vape pen. This means you won’t get too much CBD if you’re trying to burn regular CBD oil in your vape machine. CBD vape oil is specifically made for your vape pen and uses thinning agents (e-liquids) which break down the viscosity and creates the perfect vaping solution.

So, no, you cannot vape regular CBD oil. We have formulated the perfect mixture of e-liquids that you can use to vape and/or use sublingually whenever you desire.

Should I Use CBD Vape Oil or CBD Tinctures?

If you have been a member of the Kats Botanicals community for any period of time, long or short, you will see different options for you to try. New members wonder which one is best for them and sometimes find it difficult to make a decision.

Some members prefer the absoluteness of CBD tinctures, which, as I mentioned before, allow you to experience the entourage effect of the entire hemp plant. Others would rather have the CBD e-liquids (AKA, vape juice) and here’s why.

A lot has to happen before you can enjoy the benefits of CBD tinctures (orally) because it must pass through the gut, the bloodstream, etc., before being broken down by the enzymes in the liver.

When you vape CBD oil you are bypassing all of these steps and reducing the amount of CBD loss. The scientific methods, which you should definitely care about, are very high-tech and this means you are putting the CBD into a more water-soluble state – vaporization.

Vaporizing CBD means it bypasses the gut and the liver and jumps right into your bloodstream. This means that nearly four times as much CBD is entering your system, which is why most people prefer it.

In Conclusion

My personal recommendation is this – if you’re new and not sure which you should start using consistently, try both for a month. CBD tinctures and CBD vape oils both have positive benefits and won’t waste your time or money, but you need to learn the product that works best for you. The only way to understand that is to jump in and find out.

Written By Staff

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