3 Things You Need To Know To Get Started With CBD Vape Oil

We have been noticing an interesting trend amongst our Kratom customers. More and more, they are adding CBD vape oil to their health and wellness approach. At some point, during your participation within the Kats Botanicals community, you will more than likely be intrigued by our CBD products.

Don’t worry, it’s natural to open the door a little wider to alternative wellness solutions and our CBD vape oil can have the perfect placement alongside your Kratom routine.

Over the past few weeks, our community has asked the content team to share more information about what they need to know before getting started with CBD vape oil. Here are three items to start the conversation.

#1 – Know the Differences of CBD Vape Oil & CBD Oil

One might think our CBD oil and CBD e-liquid (vape oil) are the same product. They’re not. Before you purchase our CBD oil and try to put this in your vape pen, let’s explain some of the finer differences between these two products.

There are two terms here we should concentrate on – “oil” and “liquid”. CBD “oil” is generally made to be a concentrated product which is ONLY meant to be taken orally (ie, under the tongue). CBD oil is not designed to be poured into a vaping tank and smoked.

CBD vape oil, or e-liquids, are made to be vaporized and inhaled as vapor. In short, you shouldn’t vape regular CBD oil. You should be looking for the correctly designed e-liquid we have in stock.

But I need to make one clarification here…

CBD oil is not meant to be vaped, but on the other side of the coin you can take our CBD vape oil both sublingually or in your vape pen.

Pretty neat huh?

Just make sure you’ve got the right product for your desired way of dosing.. Our CBD e-liquids (vape oil) can be taken both ways and that’s why we love the versatility of this product.

#2 – The Origin of CBD Vape Oil

Last week a community member sent me a question on Facebook Messenger and was still confused about where our vape oil came from. The customer had a concern that the vape oil was a marijuana-derived oil, since the name was different.

Our CBD vape juice comes from hemp-derived cannabidiol. This means it has a low concentration of THC and a high concentration of CBD. If you have experienced CBD oil in any form and are wondering about crossing the bridge to the vaping community, there is hardly any differences. Origin doesn’t change for this e-liquid, only experience. This means you’re still getting the natural goodness of the entire hemp plant with none of the psychoactive reactions of high THC levels.

Since vape oil originated from the hemp plant, all the same rules apply for CBD. This means everything you love about CBD oil is transferred into your new CBD vape experience which gives you an alternative way to dose CBD.

#3 – Is Vaping the Best Way To Consume CBD?

I wanted to include this point as well because the CBD community is split into two camps. Both sides swear by their methods.

For the most part, people ingest CBD oil orally, however, there are some hints as to why vaping CBD could be the best way to consume CBD.

When you swallow your CBD oil, you end up limiting the amount of bioavailable CBD in your system. This simply means the amount of CBD that makes it into your bloodstream is decreased after you have ingested it.

In fact, sending your CBD oil to your gut may be limiting the power and availability of the goodness in the CBD. Vaping CBD oil allows the user to create more CBD bioavailable and sending it to the bloodstream faster.

Here’s the deal…

Sadly, you’re not going to get all of the CBD you ingest. This means not all of it will directly affect your body. You want to be able to allow your systemic circulation to produce active effects from the CBD vape oil that has been introduced to your body over time.

In a sense, when you vape CBD oil, you are giving your body the best chance to keep the maximum amount of potency and power available within the CBD vape oil.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that vaping CBD oil is a great way to experience this product. Honestly, I wasn’t aware of point #3 until I began researching this. It makes sense that you want to maximize the potential of your CBD and its effects on your body. Vaping would be the natural solution.

If you’re thinking about CBD vape oil for future use, there are lots of benefits and things you should know to get started. Share this article on your social stream and let us know what you think!

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