A Former White House Staffer Shares How You Can Win The War on Kratom

By now, you already know about the war on Kratom on the people of the United States.

Most of your neighbors and friends are oblivious to Kratom, having heard nothing but what their local media reports.

This is why we want to share how you can affect change within your community about this war on Kratom.

Recently, a former Congressional staffer, Emily Ellsworth, explained some of the most effective ways you can make a difference with your representatives on issues which are important to you. Let’s talk about these and what made such a fuss when she was working with people like you.

Communication is Important

There is nothing more powerful than communication – or lack thereof.

The pen has been proclaimed to be mightier than the sword. The reason for this is because the pen has the attributes of communication. With a pen you can describe something in your mind to another person.

Communication can be prevalent in a lot of different ways, words being the most powerful of these instances.

Mrs. Ellsworth gives some important tips we should all remember when it comes to communication with our representatives about the Kratom war. She mentioned there are some things that do not work at all when trying to make contact, and other things that work beautifully.

Let’s take a look.

Social Media Doesn’t Work

As disconcerting as this may sound, Emily states social media is one of the last places representatives go to for listening to constituents.

Granted, the world is changing, and the people who are in office now didn’t grow up with social media like some of us did. It is possible that the landscape of this statement will change in the next couple of years.

For me personally, seeing the #IAmKratom stream on Twitter, I am convinced these people are making a difference. However, when I hear what Mrs. Ellsworth says about social media, all of the air goes out of me in defeat.

EDITED – Social media STILL works. It works because it allows us to communicate the news and events with each other. While your official may not be paying attention on social media, this is still a great place to congregate and support each other.

Letters – The Next Best Thing

Mrs. Ellsworth isn’t talking about the email kind of letters either. Here’s what she said about emails – even though she was passionate about this kind of communication.

Send letters.

This is where you do it the old fashioned way and write or type out what you want to say to your representative and mail it in to them.

But we want to turn your attention to WHERE she says to send it.

Not to the Washington office, but to the local state office where your representative resides. You have a higher chance of communicating with this person by sending your letters here.

More than likely they will get lost in the fray of paperwork if they arrive in D.C. along with thousands of other letters.

Mrs. Ellsworth stated the offices in Washington get flooded with so many letters the staffers didn’t have time to read them all, much less respond to each of them individually.

For the time being, it looks like social media doesn’t work, and, while letters are a great format, it feels like my letter will only possibly get read if it goes to the state office. Even then, I’m not guaranteed that it will get in the hands of the right person.

So what do we do to get rid of these false accusations and stop the war on Kratom?

Don’t Give Up On the Phone

The phone is your biggest advocacy tool when it comes to reaching your representative.

Your end game with this strategy is to keep calling the staffer, all while being friendly and courteous to them, on a consistent basis every week.

Call to update them on what the Kratom community is doing, or new scientific evidence which has been discovered on this plant. Call them with pertinent information so they can pass this along to your representative.

When you do this every week, you begin to build a relationship with these staffers who then become used to your call. Now, when this issue comes up, you are the first one on their mind when they hear about it.

In Conclusion

The only way we are going to fight this war on Kratom from our government is if we educate and enlighten these staffers. They are the bridge to your representatives. They are the people who will be transferring your message to your Congressman or Senator. There is no reason to be short or upset with these people; they work for you. If you present your information in a way which displays its importance, they will make note of your conversation and bring it to your representative.

The most effective way to get the ball rolling about Kratom in Washington, and locally, is to band together and call as one community. When there are enough phone calls which flood the lines at one time they CAN’T ignore it.

Use this information Emily Ellsworth is giving out to prepare for your next call with your representative. Maybe it’s time to write your local office. But it is definitely time you start building a relationship with your representatives staffers who work the phones.

How many times can you call this week? Hit the share button and let us know!

Article by Wade Harman

Wade Harman is a web publisher and researcher with 17 years of experience in Kratom and CBD topics. He uses his expertise as a platform to increase education and political awareness within the community. Wade has been writing about trending topics for the past eight years with top companies in the CBD and Kratom industry. He is also seen on popular internet magazine outlets like Entrepreneur. Wade is passionate about spreading the truth of Kratom & CBD and sharing his experiences and expertise with the world. Follow his podcast The Botanical Resistance on iTunes.

Reviewed By Justin Kats

Justin Kats is the founder of Kats Botanicals and an advocate of Kratom and CBD since 2012. He has served over 80K customers and founded a Facebook group where over 12K people are actively discussing top botanical topics in the industry daily. Justin works directly with a single source farmer and together they make quality their top factor for the customer. Justin shares his expertise by offering the purest products with help from the rigorous lab testing for both CBD and Kratom products. Justin expertly shares his wealth of knowledge about Kratom, CBD, and other botanicals by offering a platform where customers can purchase, engage, and learn about their favorite botanicals.

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