3 Questions a New User Has About Kratom Powder

Recently, I have been reading a lot of self-help/encouraging books and watching documentaries about heroism in our country. It’s difficult to keep the faith in our country amidst the proposed Kratom powder ban. How is it possible to remain positive in light of some facts which have been shared?

Back in August, the American Kratom Association brought out a former DEA agent and revealed his statements about the DEA and Kratom. This might be old news to some of you, but I was re-energized by this article. It doesn’t matter if you’re a DEA agent, or some schmoe like me living in the mountains – Kratom helps.

Kratom Powder – We Are All The Same

I want to share some important facts about the DEA that you may not have thought about before.

They are human just like you and I. They have difficult problems and life-changing situations too, and in the end, they have to cope with their junk, just like we do. The storyteller revealed there were many in the DEA who were coping by abusing alcohol. In fact, the storyteller suffered from depression and anxiety after a head injury during a raid.

It’s completely possible that you may have had to start drinking Kratom powder because of some instance in your life in which you had no control over. Sadly, a lot of us had to be introduced to Kratom because of things that happened in our lives. The good news is that we were able to press forward by introducing Kratom into a daily routine. There will be people who read this article who have yet to learn what Kratom can do for them. We are happy to help them along this journey.

More than likely, you have spent countless hours in a doctors office getting prescribed medications to relieve whatever symptom that ails you. Once you get tired of doing that, and dealing with the side effects these chemical substances bring, you begin to search for alternative options.

Presto! Kratom appears and your life is changed. The fact of the matter is, most of the time the story is exactly like this – something bad happens, we spiral, level off with prescription meds, spiral again, Kratom saves us.

Questions A New User Has About Kratom

If you’re researching Kratom for the first time, then congratulations! You’re well on your way to discovering a better way to live. You’ve seen all of the media accusations made against Kratom, but you’re pretty smart and have an open mind. However, you still may have some questions, such as:

#1 – The Rumor That Kratom is Addictive

While some people will tell the news media and general public that Kratom is addictive and unsafe, science has debunked these statements. Many doctors and scientists have also reported on different websites across Google (which I won’t link to because that just helps them, but these sites are WebMD.com, Health.com, and Drugs.com, just to name a few) that there is really no scientific research available on their sites for an accurate assessment of Kratom powder.

Dr. Jack Henningfield went out on a limb and did his own private study on Kratom and made some great discoveries. This, and other great research on Kratom is here.

Dr. Jack Henningfield concluded that Kratom was no more addictive than a cup of coffee in his 8-factor analysis test. By the way, this is the same test the DEA uses to place compounds on the Schedule I drug list.

#2 Is Kratom Safe

One of my friends locally told me he had just purchased “head shop” Kratom powder. I must warn you and let you know that not all Kratom has been tested for your safety. If you purchase Kratom for sale from a new vendor who cannot provide proof of lab testing…move along.

Vendors like Kats Botanicals, who make lab testing a priority for their customers, create a safe environment when purchasing pure and potent Kratom. If a vendor cannot provide the lab tests, keep in mind there are vendors who can and will to ensure your safety.

On this note, there are shops who will not test and there have been a few people who were exposed to salmonella in their Kratom. Safety must be first when it comes to legitimate Kratom vendors and we need to eliminate those who bypass the lab testing. Watch below as scientists and doctors like Dr. Andrew Kruegel explain why the assumptions about Kratom are wrong.

#3 Can Kratom Help Me?

Naturally this is one of the first questions when considering Kratom. Actually, this is probably the major reason you are doing so much research on this botanical.

There are millions of Kratom consumers all over the country. Each of these consumers have had their own hurdles and difficulties in the beginning and became fed up with solutions, or rather non-solutions, that were available mainstream. Eventually, Kratom was found and a path to wellness soon followed.

Either way, the possibilities are endless with Kratom and we would love to invite you to try this for yourself. Make sure you get a broad sample so you can ensure your body is exposed to each strain of Kratom from the start. The reason for this is because some strains of Kratom you won’t like, and others you will. Make sure you don’t stop just because the first order didn’t meet your expectations. It is highly possible you haven’t found your strain yet. When you order a broad spectrum of Kratom you give yourself the opportunity of learning what your body likes.

In Conclusion

There are many people who are fighting the good fight with a cup of Kratom in their hand. There are lots of questions new users have when researching this mystery plant called Kratom, but the three questions above are the most common queries. Get as much information as you can, and don’t forget to keep reading our Kratom Guidebook for further education on Kratom.

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