What I Like About Green Vein Kratom

If you speak to any Kratom consumer, more than likely they are either loving a red strain or green vein Kratom. The power behind these two strains have affected the lives of millions of people, and for good reason.

Generally speaking, red strains are the more popular strains amongst the masses. This doesn’t mean that green vein Kratom is not favored, or is less suitable for the typical Kratom consumer. On the contrary, green vein Kratom meets the specific needs for those seeking a distinctive, heightened experience with Kratom.

I want to discuss what I like about green strain Kratom, even though I lean more towards the reds, I still couldn’t live without the green, and here’s why.

Green Vein Kratom, The Perfect Marriage

First of all, just like the majority of any strain color of Kratom, green is a product of red first. While there are green vein Kratom leaves out there, the occurrence is extremely rare, and usually green is crafted through a careful drying process outdoors by the harvester.

By understanding this fact, you begin to realize why green becomes a perfect choice to mix with a red strain. This is one of the major reasons I love green. It becomes versatile with any red, particularly Wild Red Bali (my favorite).

Please keep in mind that every experience is different and I realize not everyone will have the same results as me (very positive!), but crafting a marriage between red/green strains for my daily routine has proved to be quite effective for my productivity as well as enhanced other aspects of my life.

Generally, if you talk to someone who favors red or green vein Kratom, you will find that sooner or later, they’ve experimented mixing the two together, and it’s a match made in Heaven.

Green Vein Kratom Puts The ‘Pow’ in Power

Scientifically, the green strains are specifically known to be longer lasting with their effectiveness and lasting potency. Most users will report the green powder choice has a longer duration, and that’s always good.

In this analytical study on Mitragyna Speciosa by J.A. Daniels, it mentions the chemical makeup of mitragyna and the specific alkaloids which could possibly create the intensified experience with green Kratom powder.

Each Kratom strain has their own specific set of unique alkaloids that makes them special. We already know what I like about red vein Kratom, and why this strain is one of the more potent strains of Kratom, but just like the red, green also has a specific alkaloid makeup that creates a long lasting effect most users love.

What Does Green Strain Kratom Do?

One of the most common questions new Kratom users ask is what are the effects I should expect from green Kratom powder?

There’s good news and bad news to this question. The bad news is, since we want to comply with the FDA’s federal regulations about medical claims we cannot share specific Kratom effects with anyone.

The good news is we have over 10k people who can tell you all about their experiences with green vein Kratom and what you should expect.

I realize this is kind of an open-ended question, but I did want to make sure you knew where to go to get your questions answered about this strain.

Learning about what the effects are, how it works, and what other people’s experiences are, is a great way to determine which green strain you should start with first.

In Conclusion

When it comes to green strain, I don’t think, I just ‘do’.

Does it matter that my favorite green Kratom was a red leaf at one point? Do I care that green Kratom powder is usually dried inside an air-conditioned room with little to no light and then taken outside to finish? Does it affect my purchasing decision to know that green Kratom powder is also taken outside to finish drying in order to get the desired leaf color?

Not really.

All I want to know is if this particular green vein Kratom strain going to do what I need it to do?

What I like about green strain Kratom is this – it is a perfect choice to dose with by itself or with another strain because it provides balance to my routine. It is the stable strain that plays a very important supporting role to my favorite red strains.

In America, green usually means go, and you can always rely on your green vein Kratom to get the job done.

Article by Wade Harman

Wade Harman is a web publisher and researcher with 17 years of experience in Kratom and CBD topics. He uses his expertise as a platform to increase education and political awareness within the community. Wade has been writing about trending topics for the past eight years with top companies in the CBD and Kratom industry. He is also seen on popular internet magazine outlets like Entrepreneur. Wade is passionate about spreading the truth of Kratom & CBD and sharing his experiences and expertise with the world. Follow his podcast The Botanical Resistance on iTunes.

Reviewed By Justin Kats

Justin Kats is the founder of Kats Botanicals and an advocate of Kratom and CBD since 2012. He has served over 80K customers and founded a Facebook group where over 12K people are actively discussing top botanical topics in the industry daily. Justin works directly with a single source farmer and together they make quality their top factor for the customer. Justin shares his expertise by offering the purest products with help from the rigorous lab testing for both CBD and Kratom products. Justin expertly shares his wealth of knowledge about Kratom, CBD, and other botanicals by offering a platform where customers can purchase, engage, and learn about their favorite botanicals.

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