Mixing Kratom and Orange Juice to Potentiate your Kratom Powder

Mixing Kratom and Orange Juice to Potentiate your Kratom Powder

Have you heard of mixing Kratom powder and orange juice to get more effects out of your Kratom? Kratom lovers tout this citrusy combo as one of the best ways to start the day. But, how does orange juice make such a big splash in your Kratom experience? We’re glad you asked.

Kats Botanicals is a leading Kratom vendor and trusted Kratom educator, offering a wide variety of high-quality Kratom for sale. We are proud to be endorsed by the American Kratom Association. So today, we’re happy to share our thoughts on using Kratom and orange juice together to amplify your well-being.


If you’re curious about mixing orange juice and Kratom, you may have already heard a friend, co-worker, or someone at the gym talk about blending the two. Kratom users are, after all, a supportive bunch who love to share tips and tricks on how to use Kratom for wellness. This also means rumors are common.

But there may be some truth to this one, that orange juice helps make kratom more potent. This action is called potentiation. In fact, orange juice may be one of the best Kratom potentiators out there.


A Kratom “potentiator” is a substance that is thought to make Kratom stronger by breaking down the alkaloids and making them more bioavailable when consumed. This means these substances may make the effects more noticeable, quicker, or more lasting.

Although there are many purported Kratom potentiators, orange juice is one of the favored choices for creating Kratom drink mixes that may have a built-in super-boost for your well-being and motivation. Plus, orange juice benefits are full of nutritious goodies!

Orange juice contains several ingredients that may help to improve your Kratom experience. Let’s take a look at how the composition of orange juice may help to upgrade your next dose of Kratom.

  • Citric acid – It is thought that the citric acid in citrus fruits like orange juice, lime or lemon juice, and grapefruit juice may help to potentiate Kratom by making the alkaloids more bioavailable.
  • Antioxidants – Citrus like orange juice contains antioxidants that help to prevent oxidative damage in your body. These antioxidants include flavonoids, carotenoids, and vitamin C, which can help to boost the immune system. In addition, folate and potassium are in orange juice, two important nutrients your body needs.
  • Natural sweeteners – Orange juice contains the natural sweetener fructose which helps to offset the earthy, bitter taste of Kratom powders.
  • Pleasing texture – Not only does orange juice mask the taste of Kratom, it can also be more pleasing in terms of texture. Orange juice has a pleasing and familiar texture that when combined with Kratom powders can make drinking your dose all the more pleasant.


Is it safe to take Kratom with orange juice? Generally, yes.

The alkaloids in Kratom which give us our desired Kratom experience are sometimes difficult to predict when combined with other substances like alcohol or prescription medications. This is why we recommend that you speak to your medical professional about your Kratom use and other medications you may be taking.

But orange juice is an all-natural food substance that does not contain substances known to interact negatively with Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) plant matter. Therefore, it is considered a generally safe way to enjoy the effects of Kratom while getting in some much-needed daily vitamins.

Pro tip: If the added acidity of the orange juice bothers your tummy, add a bit of ginger and turmeric spices to your Kratom mix for balance.


When it comes to the metabolism of Mitragynine, with or without the juicy goodness of a glass of orange juice, the quality of your Kratom takes center stage. If you start with a less potent Kratom product, no amount of orange juice will improve this bland Kratom experience.

If you are looking for a good Kratom to start your day, we recommend buying a high-quality Kratom product from right here at Kats Botanicals! There are:

And a variety of other Kratom strains to please any Kratom user – newbie to Kratom expert! Add your dose to a glass of orange juice and start your day off with a citrusy kick!

Read here for information on Kratom dosage to see how much Kratom you should take for your well-being.


We mentioned a slew of Kratom strains for sale here at Kats Botanicals, but which are best to combine with orange juice? The short question is any of them!

But if you are looking for an especially smooth Kratom + orange juice mix, then here are some of our most decadent Kratom selections:

  • Kratom Flavored Packs – Skip the earthy mixture for a pre-flavored, sweeter one! Try the Orange Cream Flavored Kratom Pack with a half-glass of orange juice and some water-to-taste. Add ice cubes and a slice of orange for garnish for a creamier, tartier, sweeter way to Kratom-your-way through your day! (Each packet includes one full dose of 2.4 grams of Kratom powder, plus dissolvable flavoring powders.)
  • Green Hulu Kapuas – This smooth Green Vein Kratom powder is an excellent way to start your day with positivity. Green Hulu Kapuas is harvested in the Kapuas Hulu region of Indonesia and is known for being somewhat less bitter than other Kratom varieties. This is a great recommendation for Kratom users of all experience levels.
  • Liquid Kratom Shots – Try one of our Liquid Kratom Shots, like the Orange or Bali 45 for a grit-free, liquid Kratom option. These are quite potent so be sure to read the label for correct Kratom dosing. Measure the extract and dissolve into your glass of orange juice, then drink and enjoy!
  • Yellow Kratom Strains – Our Yellow Kratom Strains might be the best-kept secret in the Kratom industry. First, it’s oxymoronic because there’s no such thing as a Yellow Kratom tree. Second, this unique Kratom “strain” is a smoothly balanced combination of White Vein Kratom (80%) and Red Vein Kratom (20%) which makes it the perfect choice for your Kratom and OJ, alcohol-free mimosa! Enjoy late morning to mid-afternoon for that perfect balanced vibe.


You don’t have to use Kratom powders if you prefer to use Kratom capsules. The same great Mitragyna speciosa crushed leaf powders are packed into capsules for a mix-free, easy way to consume Kratom. Wash them down with a glass of orange juice instead of water for a tasty way to dose.

Check out our best Kratom capsules!


A cool glass of orange juice plus your favorite vein, strain, and form of Kratom could be that refreshing combination you most enjoy. Kats Botanicals offers the most potent and pure Kratom products for you to create the Kratom experience that’s perfect for you. We’ve lab tested every batch to ensure you get the very best in plant wellness. Contact us on social media to share your favorite ways to enjoy orange juice with our Kratom products!

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Mixing Kratom and Orange Juice to Potentiate your Kratom Powder