Kratom Bundles

Enjoy a broader Kratom experience with our bundled Kratom strains, and save 16% off the original price!

Choose from our Beginner, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening bundles, each containing three premium Kratom strains hand-picked for their unique effects. Each 35–gram bag contains roughly 14 servings (2.4 grams per serving).

Kats Botanicals’ Kratom bundles are an easy way to make sure you have the right Kratom for the right situation. Try them all, and see for yourself which Kratom strain works best for you.

Pre-Workout Bundle

Level-up your exercise routine! Prime your body and mind for more powerful, more intense workouts with our Pre-workout Kratom Bundle. This bundle includes three 35-gram bags; you get one each of White Maeng Da, White Elephant, and White Bali.

The Kratom strains in this bundle are ideal for all types of exercise whether it’s resistance training, endurance training, or something in between. Use one serving 30 minutes to an hour before physical activity.

Beginner Bundle

Our Beginner Bundle includes White Elephant, Green Bali, and Wild Red Bali Kratom. White Elephant is an outstanding early morning energizer, Green Bali provides a versatile, daytime well-being boost, and Wild Red Bali is perfect for settling down and relaxing at the end of the day.

The Beginner Bundle is an exceptional choice for those completely new to Kratom or for those who want to experience the full spectrum of Kratom strains.

Morning Bundle

When it’s time to get up and go, it’s time for Kratom from our Morning Bundle! Some of the most powerful, invigorating Kratom is featured here, with White Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, and Red Maeng Da. A single serving delivers long-lasting, zippy energy to help boost productivity.

The Morning Bundle is perfect for naturally enhancing your morning routine while avoiding the jitters that can come from other energy sources.

Afternoon Bundle

When the sun is high in the sky, reach for Kratom in our Afternoon Bundle. Yellow Maeng Da, Super Green, and White Bali each provide a unique suite of effects that are ideal for midday enhancement. These strains are chosen for their balanced effects with noticeable wellness benefits that last 4–6 hours.

The Afternoon Bundle is excellent for daytime use; use it when you need an all-natural, motivating boost to mind, body, and spirit.

Evening Bundle

As the sun sets and the time comes to relax and unwind, our Evening Bundle delivers the perfect relaxation experience. Chocolate, Red Elephant, and Red Borneo Kratom strains serve up the calming effects you need to ease into the evening and truly let the worries of the day fall away.

The Evening Bundle is a must-have for end-of-day destressing. Three powerful Red Vein Kratom strains deliver smooth, easy comfort that lasts.

Post Workout Bundle

Stay on top of your game and unwind after strenuous activity! This bundle features three 35 gram bags: Red Maeng Da, Red Elephant, and Red Bali. These potent strains speed up recovery and promote relaxation after physically strenuous activity. You will recover quickly and be ready for the next day’s physical demands.