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If you would like to read (and not watch) how to pay by e-check, please read ther FAQs to the right.

There are many ways to pay with e-check. You do not have to have a banking account to pay with an e-check. Paying by e-check can be done a series of different ways and we want to explain the best sites to use which will be easier for you.

Take some time to watch the tutorial video below.

Since you are creating an electronic form of your physical check your bank has to match the routing and account numbers you select or it will decline the payment. After your deposit is initiated in our bank account your transaction will need to verify which usually takes three business days. Once this process is completed, we will ship your order.

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E-check FAQs

To Pay With Your Check, Watch This Tutorial
Paying by e-check is a very popular form of payment method online and trusted by millions of users. If you have any questions or concerns and would like to talk to us, please feel free to reach out with any comments you might have.
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