Natural Flavor 250mg Canine Hemp Oil

Pet owners rejoice!

After extensive research and testing, it’s finally here: Kats Botanicals’ Canine Hemp Oil in Natural flavor! You already know about the wellness properties of Cannabidiol, or CBD—the plant-derived powerhouse taking the world by storm. Now, the same trusted supplier of botanical products you already know and love is bringing you CBD-infused hemp oil specially formulated for dogs. Each bottle of Natural Flavor Canine Hemp Oil contains 30 milliliters of pure, premium hemp oil made from hemp grown on farms here in the USA. This unique tincture includes 250 milligrams of broad-spectrum Hemp Oil per bottle, and the integrated dropper makes serving size measurement a snap. This product is 100%-vegan/vegetarian and contains no artificial ingredients or animal-derived substances.

Wag-Worthy Wellness

Because the Hemp Oil used in our pet CBD tinctures is broad-spectrum, it includes the full range of plant alkaloids that occur naturally in the hemp plant.

Kats Botanicals’ Natural Flavor Canine Hemp Oil:

  • Promotes calmness
  • Supports a peaceful state
  • Provides feelings of comfort and ease
  • Enhances general well-being

Use is simple and easy. Just refer to the suggested serving size listed on the label, and use the included dropper to measure the serving that’s appropriate for your dog. Give orally between meals, or add to food for a tasty treat! Kats Botanicals Chicken-flavored Canine Hemp Oil is 100% THC-free.

Why Choose Kats’ Natural Flavor Canine Hemp Oil

Delicious Taste

Kats’ Natural Flavor Canine Hemp Oil includes all-natural taste additives that are dog-approved for deliciousness. These flavorings do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Easy Serving Administration

Each bottle includes an integrated dropper with easy-to-read graduation marks for measuring out an accurate serving size every time.

Lab-Tested Potency and Purity

All Kats Botanicals’ Natural Flavor Canine Hemp Oil products are independently tested by third-party laboratories to ensure safety, cleanliness, and potency.

100% Organic Formulation

We believe in the power of all-natural ingredients. That means no synthetic additives, no GMOs, and no ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Features of Natural Flavor Canine Hemp Oil

Plant-Based Wellness Support

Natural Flavor Canine Hemp Oil from Kats Botanicals contains no synthetic ingredients. Benefits come from all-natural, plant-derived substances.

Durable, Protective Packaging

Each bottle of Natural Flavor Canine Hemp Oil is designed to prolong shelf life and maintain potency for as long as possible.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We pride ourselves on our product quality. If either you or your pup aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll make things right.

Lab-Tested for Safety and Purity

We invest heavily into third-party validation of the quality of our Natural Flavor Canine Hemp Oil so you can have confidence with every serving.


Each single-dropper serving (1mL) contains the following ingredients:

  • Broad-spectrum Hemp Extract: 8.33mg
  • Inactive ingredients include MCT oil and natural flavor.

Directions for Use

Weight of dog in lbs:

  • Up to 25 lbs: 1 dropper per day
  • Up to 26-50 lbs: 1.5 droppers per day
  • Up to 51-75 lbs: 2 droppers per day
  • Over 75 lbs: 3 droppers per day

Shake well before using. Administer orally. Can be given during or after mealtime.


These statements have not been evaluated or certified by any veterinary organization. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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From Daschunds to Terriers and from Border Collies to Chihuahuas, Kats Botanicals’ Natural Flavor Canine Hemp Oil is best-of-breed CBD for dogs. Buy a bottle today!