The Facts About CBD Isolate To Consider

CBD isolate has been raising questions amongst interested people. The United States is currently in search of renewable sources of energy so it is no surprise when its citizens are also turning towards a more versatile alternative when it comes to their bodies. While the government seems constricted about hemp products across the board, more people are becoming fascinated to know more about the science around cannabidiol.

This article will explain why CBD isolates main ingredient, cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the many beneficial cannabinoids found in the hemp plant and why it is so important for people to understand it better so that they can incorporate it into their daily routine. Even though the hemp plant has been around for thousands of years, there are still a lot of aspects we don’t understand about this plant. Scientists have admitted they still have not discovered all of the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, but the one’s they have found play a crucial role in furthering research in the advancement of the human body.

CBD is the Most Important Compound

Scientists have found these beneficial cannabinoids in the hemp plant:

  • CBDA
  • CBG
  • CBGA
  • CBC
  • CBCA
  • 9-THCA
  • 9-THC
  • 8-THC
  • THCV
  • CBD

Upon further consideration, one can tell that the cannabidiol compound is the most prevalent compound found in the hemp plant and is often considered by most professionals and vendors in the industry as the most beneficial compound found within the hemp plant.

Possibly the most important aspect of these discoveries is the correlation in which CBD relates with the human body. The endocannabinoid system is said to be one of the most beneficial systems in the body, organizing “homeostasis.”

Once a person consumes any form of CBD, whether isolate or another product, science has found a very important signaling system within the body that pertains to the functions of CBD and the symbiotic relationship it has with that person. Clearly, this is a solid reason why the CBD industry has been outperforming itself every year.

How CBD Isolate is Set Apart Positively

While some users prefer the full spectrum CBD oil which boasts every compound and cannabinoid of the hemp plant, other users prefer the functionality of isolated cannabidiol. According to cross sectional studies, isolate users favored this product because isolate offers them the purest form of the cannabidiol molecule.

One would question why someone would prefer the single compound of CBD over the full spectrum approach. However, this Israeli study shares some positive aspects of why a user can benefit from the single molecule in the isolate product.

In the above study, scientists presented tests with mice and inflammation. They used both tramadol and isolated CBD to improve anti-inflammatory diagnosis within the mice. The results showed a negative effect when tramadol was used, but not when isolated CBD was used. In the case of the isolated cannabidiol, the mice showed a strong inhibitory effect, making CBD “superior to tramadol when it comes to anti-inflammatory properties.”

A user who is interested in the purest form of this compound can find multiple studies where they outline the positive aspects of the molecule. These studies suggest that users can experience pure CBD in two forms: ingestion and topical. With strong details like these, scientists began to further study the toxicity and safety of this compound and concluded more clinical trials are needed to study further.

How CBD Isolate is Made

CBD isolate is exactly what the name suggests: an isolated form of the molecule the user wants to use. The extraction process of CBD isolate begins exactly like the extraction process of cannabidiol. In order for the customer to experience the CBD in hemp, it must be extracted. After the first extraction process one is left with full spectrum CBD oil.

However, in order to get the ultra pure compound called CBD isolate, a further purification process has to happen. Essentially, this is a filtration process which filters out all other unwanted substances, including those compounds found in CBD oil called “The Entourage Effect”. CBD isolate is the end result when all plant matter has been exhausted from the process.

Once the filtration process is completed the product goes through a winterization step which removes any waxes or plant materials which have been left over during the filtration process. Once this process is complete, what the user has left is a 99% pure form of cannabidiol.

CBD Isolate Can Be Experienced Many Ways

Interested parties will soon figure out that isolated CBD can be experienced in a variety of ways. While there have been many speculations about dosing parameters, once the user figures out the correct dosage for their needs, there are several aspects of how to apply this dose. CBD isolate can be blended with several mixtures of essential oils and coconut butter to create a topical salve to be used on the skin. It can be vaped through a special vape pen. It can also be used the old fashioned way, which is sublingually under the tongue for sixty seconds.

In Conclusion

A person who is interested in furthering their education of CBD products like isolate should consider every option which is made available to them. It has been said that CBD products come with a lot of benefits. However, a smart consumer will research any product and investigate scientific studies which can guide them on their quest to a better life.

Written By Staff

The staff writers for Kats Botanicals have been researching and writing about CBD and Kratom products for more than 5 years, and have a combined experience of over 35 years of writing in the healthcare and supplement industry. The team has a keen understanding of the topic, remain current on all FDA and industry news, and use their expertise to generate engaging and informative content to help educate consumers on Kats Botanicals’ products. Each article is fact-checked and includes sources to scientific data to ensure readers receive the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.

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