The Full Spectrum Advantages of CBD Oil

CBD oil comes in many different varieties. To a novice consumer, they may all look the same, however, there are some differences.

We want to talk about these differences and share some important facts about CBD oil and why you need to be informed about the products you’re purchasing.

You have the opportunity to read about CBD from different places, and when you do, CBD is definitely something you will want to try because of all the advantages it brings your body. It is no wonder so many people use this oil to help them achieve health and wellness with their lifestyles. However, there are still some differences between the various CBD oils on the market. For instance, why should you buy the CBD oil labeled “Full Spectrum”?

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The Full Spectrum Advantage

When you purchase Hemp CBD oil , one would mistakenly think that anything with the label “CBD” is going to consist of the entire set of benefits one can expect from CBD.

While there are no negative results from CBD as a whole, there are some differences between the full spectrum CBD and the products which are limited to CBD only. Again, don’t get me wrong, CBD in its entirety is still something worth having in your daily routine, but there is an upside to full spectrum.

Simply put, “Full Spectrum” means it contains the whole ball of wax. This means that not only does it contain the CBD compound, but it also contains other important compounds such as CBN, CBC, & THCA.

Having all of these ‘friends’ with CBD is what scientists call The Entourage Effect, meaning there’s more therapeutic benefits to your body when all of these compounds are combined within the CBD oil.

Working together, this entourage stimulates the Endocannabinoid System more effectively. As I have written before, when the Endocannabinoid System is stimulated, healthy body functions are promoted.

This is also known as whole plant medicine, which utilizes the entire spectrum of each of these compounds, activating your ECS, which also helps in the regulation of wherever these CB1 and CB2 receptors are located (which is just about everything in your body).

What is CBN, CBC, & THCA?

I bet you didn’t know all of this cool stuff was in your CBD oil, did you? Either way, it makes up for a massive conglomeration of wellness that you don’t want to be without.

CBN is also known as Cannabinol and it bears a striking resemblance to CBD (cannabidiol), and, according to a study done by Steep Hill Labs, CBN is just as effective as a 10mg dose of diazepam.

CBC is also known as cannabichromene. It was discovered more than 50 years ago and is one of the “OG’s” in cannabinoid medical research. CBC is said to be non-intoxicating because it binds poorly to the CB1 receptors. However, even though it binds poorly to the CB1 receptors, it does bind to other receptors in the body which makes it an important mixture with this entourage.

THCA is known as tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, and while you may have heard of THC, and this may sound like it’s the same thing – it has completely different properties. It is a non-psychoactive compound that is also found in the hemp plant.

Each of these compounds, when working together makes up the full spectrum entourage of CBD oil. Even though you may think you’re getting only Pure CBD hemp oil when you grab a bottle, if you’re getting the full spectrum oil, you’re getting a lot more than just CBD.

What About CBD Isolate?

Just in case I’ve made you confused, I want to go over the benefits of CBD by itself as well. Again, there are great advantages of using the CBD oil that covers the entourage effect, but CBD by itself, has its own set of assets. This is especially true when we are referring to CBD isolate.

CBD or Cannabidiol means you’re still getting the benefits of the CBD in the hemp plant. However, CBD isolate means you’re getting the purest form of CBD which has been extracted from the plant.

At Kats Botanicals, my favorite way to take CBD isolate is in our CBD gummies. This is perfect for someone who may be worried about the THC levels in the full spectrum CBD oil because the CBD isolate contains no THC. This means you can still participate in the CBD revolution and your body retains all of the advantages from CBD.

In Conclusion

If you want the whole ball of wax with your CBD oil, you will want to select a full spectrum CBD product because it contains every bit of goodness from the plant. It is also recommended that if you are just starting CBD you should continue with a consistent regimen for at least a month in order to start seeing the benefits from it. Remember, this is a long term strategy in your health and wellness lifestyle. Full spectrum CBD is one of the reasons so many people are living a better way of life – in a natural and more wholesome way!

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