Kratom Specialty Blends

All single-harvest Kratom belongs to one of three main color categories: Red Vein, Green Vein, and White Vein. On their own, Kratom from these categories can have potent, consistent effects for many users. However, when they’re combined, another category of Kratom is created: Blends. Kratom Blends are strategically combined strains of Kratom that are intentionally made with very specific ratios that result in a unique Kratom experience.

Variety of Specialty Blends

It can take years of experimentation to find just the right ratio of Red, Green, and White Vein Kratom to include in a Specialty Blend. After countless iterations of trial and error, these premium Kratom blends are the ones that made the cut!

Cluster AF! Trainwreck Kratom Powder

Kickstart your day the way nature intended with the potent, powerful Trainwreck Kratom blend: Cluster AF! Find the natural boost and motivation your body craves with our take on Trainwreck Kratom: Cluster AF! Crafted using a variety of premium, potent Green Vein and White Vein Kratom, this blend is designed to be the perfect pair of power and potency.

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Gold Rush

Strike it rich with an ultra-rare blend of White, Green, and Red Vein Kratom made using a unique ‘Cold Dry’ process. Due to the complexity of this process and the additional resources required to complete it, Gold Rush quantities are limited.

Digital Buddha

Some blends are best when the White Vein Kratom leads the pack! This is especially true in the case of our Digital Buddha specialty blend. In this blend, a 50% White Vein representation combines with 30% Green Vein and 20% Red Vein to yield a blend that inspires optimism while promoting feelings of enhanced overall well-being.

Above the Waves

Let’s face it: life is full of hurdles and challenges we all face every day. To help, our Above the Waves specialty blend does a fantastic job of supporting calmness while also providing the benefits that come with using White Vein and Green Vein Kratom. This blend is exceptional because of its inclusion of two Red Vein Kratom strains (35% each), a White Vein strain (15%), and a Green Vein strain (15%).

The Wedge

In a pinch, reach for The Wedge: this blend combines 30% Green Vein, 50% White Vein, and 20% Red Vein for a formulation that has quickly made its way into the Kats Botanicals Hall of Fame. The Wedge is another great ‘all-around’ blend that delivers a full-spectrum Kratom experience with a bit more White Vein for added pep when you need it most.


50% Green Vein, 25% White Vein, and 25% Red Vein is an absolute gem of a Kratom ratio for many users. That’s why we’ve immortalized this blend with the Spacebird moniker; it’s as memorable in name as it is in effects! A Green Vein-heavy Kratom blend is just right for many Kratom users who want a daytime strain that also ‘borrows’ some benefits from the other strain categories. Spacebird hits the mark every time!

What Are Kratom Blends?

Kratom blends are combinations of more than one type of single-harvest Kratom. By combining Kratom in this way, the user experiences a broader range of positive effects. Not all blends are created equal! Kats Botanicals uses independent, third-party lab testing partners to validate the potency and purity of all our Specialty Blends.

Benefits of Kratom Blends

Blends can be used as a complement to an existing Kratom regimen or on their own. There is no ‘hard-and-fast’ rule for when and how to use a Kratom blend. We suggest experimenting with numerous strains and blends to determine which ones work best for you.

Centered State of Being

Because blended Kratom contains a fuller alkaloid profile, its effects can include heightened feelings of overall wellness.

Improved Confidence

Need an edge to help you tackle your day? Our Kratom blends are perfect for providing a timely boost when you need it most.

Balanced Perspective

Sometimes, we need to see things differently in order to overcome obstacles. Blended Kratom is celebrated for this unique effect.

We Offer the Best Kratom Blends

There are dozens of Kratom suppliers out there. We know that, and we know how important it is to distinguish Kats Botanicals as a provider not just of the highest-quality Kratom blends on the market, but also the certifiably purest and cleanest Kratom blends, too. And don’t forget: we’re always available to answer your questions related to Kratom strains, blends, and other botanical products. Just reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help!

Trust Kats Botanicals to deliver you the safest, purest Maeng Da Kratom powder on the market. If you have any questions about Maeng Da Kratom and how it can help you, then call, email, chat with a member of our support team. Our experts are ready to help you discover the right Kratom variety for your journey!