The Kats Botanicals
Wholesale Kratom Program

From single store operators to large chain managers, retail business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase profitability while keeping expenses as low as possible. Kats Botanicals offers retailers a unique opportunity to purchase large quantities of premium, lab-tested, retail-ready Kratom at discounted prices.

Why Choose Kats
Wholesale Kratom?

Our Kratom wholesale program gives you exclusive access to a wide variety of quality Kratom powder sourced directly from Kratom cultivators in southeast Asia.


Choose from more than 30 strains of pure Kratom powder and capsules made from professionally harvested Kratom leaves with industry-leading potency and purity your customers can see for themselves.


True Wholesale Supply Capability

We are continuously sourcing premium Kratom for distribution to our wholesale partners. Our massive buying power and long-standing supplier relationships translate into a virtually limitless supply of Kratom products—enough to keep your inventory at healthy levels throughout the year.

Rock-Solid Branding

Since 2016, Kats Botanicals has served 30,000+ satisfied customers while developing exceptional brand recognition and unmatched customer loyalty. The Kats Botanicals brand has become synonymous with quality, purity, and integrity.


Shared Values

We understand that the success of your retail business is critical to our success as a Kratom supplier. That’s why we provide you and your customer with informational and education collateral, eye-catching retail displays, and professional, attractive, and well-designed packaging.

Proven Kratom Quality

Our full line of Kratom powder and capsules are small-batch tested for quality, purity, and potency. If any test doesn’t meet our stringent quality standards, we don’t use it. Period.

If you are a retail business owner with an interest in driving bottom-line sales growth, we want to partner with you!

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Our initial minimum wholesale order requirement is $500 net after discounts.

To get started, complete the Wholesale Application, and one of our Account Executives will contact you immediately to discuss the next steps.

We look forward to being a part of your success!

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Kats Botanicals Wholesale FAQ