How to Donate to the AKA

The American Kratom Association is working tirelessly on behalf of Kratom users, a group that includes lawyers, doctors, and law enforcement. In particular, the AKA supports consumers’ choice to adopt Kratom as a botanical for enhanced well-being and optimism.

History of the American
Kratom Association

The AKA is a registered, non-profit group working out of Virginia. Started in 2014, the AKA has five primary goals: To support consumers in their choices; to educate those who want to learn more about Kratom’s benefits; to change politicians’ opinion and behavior towards Kratom; to amplify the voices of those who believe in Kratom, and to protect natural resources like Kratom.

The AKA believes that many political entities, both public and private, don’t make their constituents’ needs a priority, and the AKA wants to change that. Education is a significant part of the AKA’s mission, as it is only through the teaching of potential consumers, regulators, growers, and manufacturers that things will begin to change.

Through sustainable practice, the AKA hopes to be a model for other countries that want to raise awareness about Kratom. Voices often get lost in the shuffle, and the AKA wants each, and every voice heard.

KCPA and GMP Programs

Two of the most notable accomplishments of the AKA are the Kratom Consumer Protection Act and the GMP program. The Kratom Consumer Protection Act – KCPA – is a series of regulations ensuring that Kratom labeling and products are transparent and unadulterated. The KCPA wants to eliminate disreputable vendors and regulate the sale and production of Kratom.

Since the FDA does not currently regulate Kratom, the AKA created a program that highlights conscientious Kratom vendors and manufacturers called the GMP program. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Processes, and it is a voluntary program in which Kratom companies allow third-party observers to audit their production facilities and test their end products.

Donating to the AKA

Through the generous donations of individuals and groups, the AKA can follow its mission of sustainability, education, and consumer support. The AKA strictly complies with all state and federal regulations concerning financial and conduct policies.

Donate to the American Kratom Association and help fight the battle against coerced silence and manipulation. If you’re wondering how to donate to the AKA, there are a few different ways to help. You can give directly to the non-profit organization by PayPal or wire transfer. Use this form to sign up for more information about the AKA and to support their mission efforts.

Another way to ensure the AKA can continue doing good work in the Kratom world is by only using reputable vendors, like Kats Botanicals, that support the AKA’s mission. Your donations make a difference in the AKA’s work. Without the generosity of donors, the voices in support of Kratom will not be heard.