Kratom Gummies

Enjoy the powerful wellness benefits provided by the Kratom plant in a delicious, convenient gummy format. With eight flavors to choose from, you can get the body and mind-boosting benefits of Kratom in a precise serving size every time and avoid using powders or capsules. Each gluten-free, non-GMO, vegetarian-friendly gummy contains 15 milligrams of pure Mitragynine. Each bag contains 10 gummies (150 milligrams of Mitragynine total per bag). A single serving size of one gummy provides noticeable benefits that last 4-6 hours.

Small Gummy Size, Big Kratom Benefits

Until now, getting the plant-based enhancement from the Kratom plant meant that you had to mix Kratom powder into a beverage or swallow capsules. Today, Kats Botanicals makes it easier than ever to enhance your daily wellness routine with Kratom, and all you have to do is enjoy a mouth-watering gummy! At just under 3.5 grams in weight, each Kratom gummy is a delectable, bite-sized flavor experience that contains just the right amount of wellness-boosting Mitragynine (15 milligrams per gummy).

Why You’ll Love Kats Kratom Gummies

These aren’t your typical, run-of-the-mill gummies! Kats Botanicals Kratom gummies are made using Mitragynine extracted from Kratom plants harvested from dedicated farms and plantations in southeast Asia. We process, pack, and ship every bag using cGMP-certified equipment and facilities. And, every order of Kratom Gummies is backed by our 30-day, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. You get the highest-quality Kratom gummies with consistent, proven potency, backed by a company that puts your total well-being first. Try a bag for yourself, and see why Kats Botanicals Kratom Gummies are leading the plant-based wellness revolution!

Benefits of Kratom Gummies

Compact Serving Size

Just one little gummy is all it takes to enjoy the wide range of benefits Kratom provides.

Delicious Flavor Variety

Choose from six delicious flavors, or get them all for the ultimate gummy collection!

Fast, Noticeable Effects

Start feeling great within minutes, and enjoy the lasting potency for 4-6 hours.

Premium Formulation

No GMOs. No Gluten. No animal products. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why Choose Kats Botanicals Kratom Gummies

Kats Botanicals has been a leader in the botanicals industry since 2016. We’re proud to be the premier supplier of plant-based botanicals with certified purity and potency you can trust. Every order of our Kratom Gummies is shipped the same day when orders are received by 2:00 pm CT. And, you can buy with confidence knowing your Kratom Gummies are backed by our 30-day, 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee. Try Kratom Gummies from Kats Botanicals today, and start enjoying a new way to wellness!