Kats Kava Blend

Get balanced Kava. Discover clarity and calm.
Let the spirit of Fiji and Tonga calm your mind and awaken your senses.

Two most beloved Kava regions merge for this balanced calming Kava. Feel that island vibe melt away your worries with openness, clarity, and ultimate zen.

Get balanced Kava. Discover clarity and calm.
Let the spirit of Fiji and Tonga calm your mind and awaken your senses.

Two most beloved Kava regions merge for this balanced calming Kava. Feel that island vibe melt away your worries with openness, clarity, and ultimate zen.


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Why Choose Kats Kava Blend

At Kats Botanicals we strive to bring you the best of Fiji and Tonga combined into one transformative experience, so you can feel that crystal clear serenity that gently washes away the stress of your day. Calm, openness, social comfort, gentle sensory awareness – doesn’t that sound blissful, like walking on the beaches of the Polynesian Islands? We know that Kava is more than a beverage, it’s an experience with a long island tradition to be honored with every cup.

So you can feel that tradition of calm right in your own home, we take extra care in preparing fine micronized Kava powders which mix easily and drink smoothly. Easily whip up your favorite calming Kava beverages to drink alone in a state of peacefulness, or with friends to relax, unwind, and connect.

About Kats Kava Blend

Each region where Kava is grown determines the Kavalactone and flavonone profiles of that particular type of Kava. Imagine each as fully embodying the environment and the care under which it is grown. This gives each regional Kava plant its own distinctive aroma, flavor, and benefit appeal.

Kats Kava Blend is a proprietary blend of top-grade Kava from the Fiji and Tonga regions of Polynesia. We work with farming families that have cultivated lush Kava for decades to get the most pristine Kava, rich with active Kavalactones. Then, we combine into a proprietary blend the blissful contributions of the plants from both regions. This enhancing Kava blend is fortified with 7-9% Kavalactones for the perfect amount of calm and mindfulness.

Why Choose Kats Botanicals Kats Kava Blend

Here at Kats Botanicals, we believe in preserving and protecting the purity of the Kava so that it provides a more authentic and enjoyable experience for you at home.

This is why we implement the highest cGMP standards of care, test all batches for purity and potency, and provide the “Bula-spirit” while serving our customers that one might expect to honor in the exchange of Kava.

Why Kats


Our mission is your total wellness. If you’re not 100% satisfied with any Kats Botanicals product, you’ll get a full refund—no questions asked.


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We think our products are the best in the world, but don’t just take our word for it. Read for yourself the thousands of glowing reviews from our customers.


Every Kats Botanicals product we sell is lab tested for purity and comes with a verifiable Certificate of Authenticity showing precise alkaloid concentrations.

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Kats Botanicals is proud to exceed the stringent requirements set forth by the American Kratom Association’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) program.


Kats Kava Blend FAQ

Kats Kava Blend is a pure blend of Tongan and Fijian Kava root powders, micronized and purified for smooth consumption and absorption. Infused with 7-9% Kavalactones, the active ingredients in Kava, this fine Kava powder blend is perfect for calm and clarity, while enhancing your social interactions.

Kats Kava Blend is a modernized version of traditional Kava; meaning it’s been expertly ground into a very fine powder that’s more easily dissolved into water. Traditionally, Polynesian locals would grind the root, steep the powders, and enjoy Kava beverages as part of ceremonial or cultural traditions. Today, we enjoy Kava anytime we want to experience serenity, relaxation, and social ease.

Sustainably sourced from the lush Piper methysticum shrubs grown in the rich volcanic soils of Tonga, and in the abundant tropical environment of Fiji, our Kats Kava Blend is infused with all the calming island spirit that those lush regions have to offer.

Kats Kava Blend Kava powders are micronized for easy consumption. Measure approximately one teaspoon of the rich green powders and pour into 8-12 oz of crisp cool water, stir, and enjoy! Add a splash of coconut milk, if desired, for sweetness, and garnish with a bit of mango or pineapple for a fresh island twist.

As with many of nature’s gifts, recommended use is moderation.

While Kava and Kratom can be used together, it’s important to monitor your intake and how your body reacts. Just like any other wellness tool, Kava and Kratom are designed to benefit the body in multiple ways but it’s important to use them in moderation. For more details, check out our guide: Comparing Kava Vs Kratom: An In-Depth Guide To Understand Kava And Kratom.


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I tried some traditional kava from other vendors that I had to steep / strain, etc. I could never quite get it the same as going to a good kava bar. This is so simple, just mix with some water and it's time to relax. Will buy again, thanks!

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