Kats Kava Fiji

Get Kava. Get relaxed.
Enjoy the spirit of the islands and relax with calming Kava.

Kats Kava Fiji is perfectly infused with calming molecules that bring on social ease and blissful relaxation. Unwind, enjoy, and feel the calm energy of the sand and seas with a smooth Kava beverage you can make right at home.

Get Kava. Get relaxed.
Enjoy the spirit of the islands and relax with calming Kava.

Kats Kava Fiji is perfectly infused with calming molecules that bring on social ease and blissful relaxation. Unwind, enjoy, and feel the calm energy of the sand and seas with a smooth Kava beverage you can make right at home.


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Why Choose Kats Kava Fiji

At Kats Botanicals we strive to bring you the purest and most calming Kava experience possible. The Fijian Islands embody a spirit of generosity, social ease, and gentle calm. Maybe it’s the soothing energy of the rolling ocean waves. Maybe it’s the communal positivity of Bula greetings. Maybe, it’s the Kava!

Our pure Fijian Kava powders are the best Kava powders on the market. Because island calm is too important to handle with less than perfection at every level of sourcing and production. Fresh from the islands and expertly prepared for you, Kats Kava Fiji delivers serenity in every single cup you enjoy.

About Kats Kava Fiji

Kava bush leaves are big and lush, and shaped like green hearts – and we think that’s no mistake! Nature’s abundance reminds us to love ourselves, stay balanced, and embrace our life. Now, that’s easy to do with Kats Kava Fiji powders. You just stir the powders into crisp, clean water and drink. Calm = activated!

Available in two sizes for your convenience, Kats Kava Fiji comes in 8 oz and 16 oz packages. Whatever size you need for yourself, or if you choose to share with others in the true spirit of Fiji culture, you can stay stocked up and prepared. Kats Kava Fiji is infused with a generous 6-8% Kavalactones. Kavalactones are the active molecules that catalyze your calm nature and help you release the worries of your day. They also make you feel like spending pleasant time in the company of others. Kava helps us embrace our connections to the world – and the people around us – with ease.

Why Choose Kats Botanicals Kats Kava Fiji

If you want a great Kava experience you have to buy high-quality Kava that delivers all those rich benefits. That’s why here at Kats Botanicals, we take great care from cultivation and harvest to every step our Kava powders go through to prepare them for you.

We implement cGMP practices at all stages. We rigorously test all batches to ensure potency and purity. And we commit ourselves to serving our customers in that Bula spirit that Kava embodies.

Why Kats


Our mission is your total wellness. If you’re not 100% satisfied with any Kats Botanicals product, you’ll get a full refund—no questions asked.


Get your premium botanicals lightning fast. When you place your order before 2:00 pm Eastern (US), your order ships the same day.


We think our products are the best in the world, but don’t just take our word for it. Read for yourself the thousands of glowing reviews from our customers.


Every Kats Botanicals product we sell is lab tested for purity and comes with a verifiable Certificate of Authenticity showing precise alkaloid concentrations.

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Save big by choosing Kats Botanicals for all of your wellness supplements, from Kratom and Moringa to Turmeric and Shilajit. Spend at least $100 and qualify for shipping!


Kats Botanicals is proud to exceed the stringent requirements set forth by the American Kratom Association’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) program.


Kats Kava Fiji FAQ

Kats Kava Fiji is pure Fijian Kava root powder, micronized and purified for easy consumption and absorption. Infused with 6-8% Kavalactones, the active ingredients in Kava, this fine Kava powder is perfect for winding down gently, opening the senses, and enjoying a sense of calm pleasure.

Kats Kava Fiji is used in a modernized version of the traditional way of using Kava. Traditionally, Polynesian locals would pulverize, steep, and enjoy Kava beverages as part of ceremonial or cultural traditions. Today, we enjoy Kava anytime we want to relax. Kava is known for loosening social tension and creating a sense of serenity that’s easily shared with others or enjoyed alone.

Sustainably sourced from the lush Piper methysticum bushes grown in the rich soils of Fiji, our Kats Kava Fiji is enriched with all the abundance nature has to offer.

Because these Kava root powders are micronized, each particle is very small. Kava root powders do not readily dissolve in water, which is why the traditional way of preparing Kava involves steeping, kneading, and straining. With Kats Kava Fiji, however, part of the work has been done for you to make it that much easier to prepare a soothing Kava beverage at home.

Simply measure out the desired amount (approximately 1 teaspoon per 8-12 oz liquid) and stir into tepid or cool water, with or without a bit of coconut milk for a creamier experience. Kava “tea” is enjoyed at room temperature or cooler. Drink it quickly and relax.

The soothing Kava benefits begin kicking in as quickly as your metabolism works the Kavalactones through your stomach lining and into the bloodstream. How long this takes may differ based on your personal metabolism and on how much you’ve got in your stomach. It works more effectively and quickly if you consume Kava on an empty stomach.

As with many of nature’s gifts, recommended use is moderation.

When done in moderation, yes! Both Kava and Kratom are extracted directly from naturally growing plants found in the wild, but it is still important to monitor your intake and how your body responds. Just like any new addition to your wellness routine, you don’t want to start off too heavy with a larger serving size. Start with a smaller serving size and adjust accordingly based on how your body responds.

For a complete breakdown, check out our guide: Comparing Kava Vs Kratom: An In-Depth Guide To Understand Kava And Kratom.


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