Be Rhino Strong

Rhino Strength Kratom

Rogue Rhino - White Vein

Rogue Rhino

Enhanced White Vein Kratom

Packed with over 2.20% MIT raw power, get your hands on the perfect workout partner to help you break barriers and achieve your goals. Harness your power from within and get the powerful boost your body craves.

Rogue Rhino

Enhanced Green Vein Kratom

Enhanced Kratom for an elevated experience you can enjoy every day. This Green Vein Enhanced Kratom gives you the strength you need to power through the day – no matter what comes your way.

Rogue Rhino - Green Vein
Rogue Rhino - Red Vein

Rogue Rhino

Enhanced Red Vein Kratom

Get the extra boost of power your body deserves to achieve your best self. This Enhanced Red Vein Kratom harnesses the raw power of nature and delivers it directly to you. Achieve your best results with Rogue Rhino from Kats Botanicals!

What is Rogue Rhino Enhanced Kratom?

Rogue Rhino will change the way you use and buy Kratom – with our strongest Kratom yet. The same premium ingredients you’ve come to know and love, now enhanced with higher MIT percentages for an elevated and enhanced experience. Think pure, powerful Kratom hailing from the JongKong Region of Indonesia combined with the Kats Botanicals standards that helped define who we are today.

Rogue Rhino powders and capsules offer a Mitragynine level over 2.20% in every batch tested – that’s proven potency that works. Harness the raw power of nature and discover what it feels like to be Rhino strong.

Our premium enhanced Kratom is now available in Three distinct MIT levels

Rogue Elephant, Rogue Hippo, and Rogue Rhino all offer a varying level of MIT – the powerful plant material that gives Kratom products its coveted whole-body benefits. Think of it like the different menu items at your local coffee shop. A double shot of espresso, a Red Eye, or a classic old brew: which one is your go-to pick-me-up?


Rogue Hippo

The Cold Brew

Who doesn’t love a good cold brew to start the day? Rogue Hippo does just that by featuring 1.85% – 2.00% MIT per serving – the perfect portion to fuel your mornings and midday routine. Wake up your mind and body with just a single serving!


Rogue Elephant
MIT Level 200

The Red Eye

Like a cup of coffee plus an extra shot, Rogue Elephant offers the perfect portion of 2.00% – 2.20% MIT to get your mind and body ready for the day. Use this exclusive enhanced Kratom as a way to jumpstart your day and stay fueled & focused all day long.


Rogue Rhino

The Double Shot

Powerful, potent, and packed with 2.20% – 2.50% MIT per serving, Rogue Rhino gives you the fuel you need to take on anything the day has to throw your way. Think of it like a double shot of espresso: bold, big, and built to last throughout the day.

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