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Best Kratom Extract: Is Maeng Da the Strongest Kratom Extract?

If you’ve been looking for high-quality kratom products, you’ve likely heard of the Maeng Da “strain” of kratom. But what is Maeng Da kratom and is it really stronger or more potent than other varieties of kratom?

Today, we’re taking a look at the powerful Maeng Da kratom extract, the types of Maeng Da kratom, and what potential benefits and wellness perks you can get from each type.

What Are Kratom Extracts?

If you’re looking for kratom potency, extracts really are the way to go. You may have read about the different types of kratom called “veins.”

Extracts, or concentrated amounts, can be taken from any vein or strain of kratom. Then, these highly concentrated extracts can be used to make all kinds of kratom products, including the wellness powerhouse we call Maeng Da.

All veins of kratom come from the same source; the Mitragyna speciosa tree, which grows in the lush wetland forest regions of southeast Asia. The alkaloid content in these ground powders, when concentrated, can be much more potent via extracts.

All kratom extract is derived from the leaves of this Mitragyna speciosa tree. Once fully ripened and ready, the leaves are hand-plucked, carefully dried, and then “crumbed” – a process by which the dried leaves are rid of their midribs and stems and ground into a powder.

It’s how the drying process is performed, however, that creates the different veins of kratom, like white vein, green vein, and the ever-popular red vein. Maeng Da is created by grafting together into precise blends the extracts of these kratom veins.

Kratom extracts, then, give us the most versatility because they can be added to various solutions creating kratom products for all sorts of tastes and lifestyles – like kratom shots, or kratom gummies, or kratom powder mixes or teas.

Creating extracts is all about removing what’s not needed and keeping the rich alkaloids that kratom leaves provide for us. When it comes to kratom extracts – no matter what vein or strain you prefer – clean, natural, pure, and potent are the best!

So, be sure to get all of your kratom mixes or Maeng Da boosts from a reputable source that has third-party lab testing ensuring best quality and purity.

What Are Potent Kratom Extracts?

What Are Potent Kratom Extracts?

High-potency kratom extract products are helpful for any user, novice or newbie, that wants a more synergetic, smooth, and lasting kratom effect. Let’s talk about extracts and what that means in the world of kratom.

Whether you are cognizant of it or not, you use extracts in all types of things throughout your day. Botanical extracts make your facial serums more concentrated and nourishing. Quality vanilla extracts make your baking goods more tasty.

High-quality essential oils in your wax melts smell the best in your wax warmers. Because extracts are so highly concentrated, the results are amplified and can be more pleasing to use, whether you are using them for a sensual beauty care purpose, to scent your home, or to jazz up that spicy rum cake.

The same goes for kratom – the more concentrated and pure a substance that goes into your kratom products, the more impactful your experience!

Extracts of kratom contain higher concentrations of the botanicals, more specifically the alkaloids, that are found in the kratom leaf, which are the “goodies” in kratom that give us that wellness experience we all want. The leaves contain all kinds of alkaloids, most notably 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.

The form of kratom matters, as well. Not because the form affects the potency, but how we use kratom can affect the effects of kratom on our minds and bodies–potent or not. If you are using a powder that’s immersed into a carrier liquid, for example kratom powder in your morning coffee, or brewed into an aromatic kratom tea, this does dilute the product.

Keep in mind that powders are highly concentrated and you should measure the amount you use. This way, you know how much to increase or decrease for your next mood-enhancing beverage.

Similarly, kratom shots are in liquid form and are quickly bioavailable so you may feel the effects quicker. Gummies may take a little bit longer to kick in as they must be metabolized from a semi-solid gummy form.

Depending on your metabolism, and whether or not you consume your kratom products on an empty stomach, it may “kick in” a little differently for each individual.

Whatever your needs and however you prefer to partake, there’s a wide variety of kratom extract products for you to try. Each also has its own flavor profile, as well. Some are more or less bitter. Some are more aromatic or smooth.

Kratom is so highly versatile that once you get a feel for which veins you like, and which forms you like, you can always level-up your experience by opting for high-potency kratom extracts.

What Is the Best Kratom Extract Product?

Kratom extracts put the power in your hands. The power to get the most out of your kratom extract products and most importantly – to choose the best kratom extract experience you want!

So you can get that energizing mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or a much-needed wave of calm when you need it. Or, perpetuate that creative balance that keeps you cheerful and productive during your day.

Here are some of the best kratom extract products to buy online in 2023:

Pro Tip: Shop the best kratom extracts here. Using the detailed sorting features, you can pre-select for and buy kratom types that work best for the experience you want. This helpful tool helps you to narrow down on the perfect kratom extract product for you!

And if you want a quick shot of concentrated kratom, liquid extract kratom shots are the way to go!

Bali 45 Liquid Kratom ShotTry Our Strongest Kratom Extract Liquid!

Meet your new favorite morning boost: the Bali 45 Liquid Kratom Shot.

It’s the energizing botanical boost to kick off your best day! Formulated with 125 milligrams of pure Mitragynine and other kratom alkaloids, this is the potent and powerful lift you’ve been searching for.

It’s super easy to use – no mixing or measuring to do. Each shot has two servings in it. This gives you the flexibility to choose how much you need for your day. Recap for a take-a-long boost mid-day. No need to refrigerate, just use the remaining portion within two weeks.

  • Made without gluten, GMOs, or animal-derived products.
  • Lab-tested for purity and top-quality kratom potency.
  • Simple ingredient profile with no hidden chemicals or dyes.
  • Powerful effects that last.
  • More pleasant taste than other liquid kratom products. (Or so our reviewers often say!)

Benefits of Kratom Extract

We mentioned that our kratom is sourced in southeast Asia. For centuries, the locals have used the leaves of this tree, ground into potent powders, for all kinds of homeopathic applications.

Thankfully, those feel-good perks can be even more pronounced and last a little longer because of the care the leaves are given in the drying and grinding processes. This special care to make extracts means we get to more fully enjoy the kratom benefits we love.

Whether you are using powders, or shots, or gummies that are formulated with these concentrated extracts, the boosted benefits have people talking – well, bantering over which is the best, of course.

Because each vein, strain, and blend can affect us differently, summing up the benefits can be a bit tough, but here are some of the main ones kratom offers.

  • Feel-good experience. Some users relate this to a feeling of energized or relaxed “euphoria.”
  • Experience leveled-up energy and the chillest of relaxation with these powerful kratom concentrations.
  • Mood enhancement effects that last. (Effects of kratom can vary by strain and blend of concentrate.)
  • Can make your body feel good too! Not just your mind and mood. Tackle your day with confidence knowing this strong kratom has got that covered!

Concentrated extracts may also make it easier for you to select the kratom strains and blends that you love most. Since you can feel the effects in a more pronounced way, you can try out the different types of kratom strains and blends to see which ones feel like your very own superpower supplements.

Why choose the kratom brand Kats Botanicals as your source to buy kratom online in 2023?

Kats Botanicals is an AKA CGMP Qualified Vendor, exceeding the requirements of the American Kratom Association’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) program.

Full-Spectrum Kratom Extract: Maeng Da

Potent kratom extracts also help us to create a full-spectrum experience for kratom users. Maeng Da is the type of premium kratom most recognized for this. And for those in the west where Maeng Da is growing exponentially in its popularity, the term full-spectrum may sound a bit familiar.

Full-spectrum is a term you’ll hear widely in the cannabis industry. For cannabis users, the term full-spectrum means that the intoxicating cannabinoid THC is included in the formula, along with other beneficial plant molecules from the cannabis plant, creating a full-spectrum of the plant’s beneficial components.

No one particular component is singled out or eliminated, thus the term, loosely meaning a more full “spectrum” of the plant profile. Creating products with a wider plant profile is touted as most effective since the botanicals all work in tandem to promote wellness.

When a kratom product is focused on including a variety of the alkaloids, it is often referred to as full-spectrum. And no kratom product does this wellness mash-up better than Maeng Da kratom. Maeng Da extracts go through even more care in the drying process, drying a little longer to get even higher potency of these alkaloids to use in powerful kratom blends.

But what, really, is Maeng Da kratom? Isn’t that just a fancy industry term or a selling tool? Is it just a fad or a marketing boon?

Well, for some sellers, that may be the case. But for Kats Botanicals, we focus on the purity and potency of our alkaloid-rich Maeng Da formulations – so you can get the very best kratom experience for your body, your mind…and your wallet!

In southern Asia where kratom trees are grown, the term Maeng Da translates to “pimp” grade or strength – meaning, it’s the strongest! While any kratom product can be quite strong, Maeng Da is usually the strongest due to its concentration of alkaloids.

To be clear, Maeng Da is more of an industry term than it is an actual strain of kratom.

Maeng Da in a nutshell: Maeng Da uses highly potent alkaloid-rich extracts, which have been dried longer to make them more potent. They include a wide plant profile of the beneficial alkaloids. Maeng Da varieties are made by combining different veins (types) of kratom into powerful relaxing and energizing “recipes” for wellness. This means you can find a strong kratom extract product that perfectly addresses your wellness needs!

Note: Each Maeng Da formula is a little different, and can affect you differently, depending on the percentages of which kratom veins are included. Don’t worry – we’re going to break down each type for you so you can easily pick the perfect strong formula kratom for you!

Best Kratom Products: Maeng Da Strain

Best Kratom Products - Maeng Da StrainEach Maeng Da product is like a pre-mixed kratom recipe for wellness perks. While one person may prefer how one Maeng Da formula makes them feel, another may prefer a different type of kratom altogether. This is highly personal, which is why it’s so important to think about what effects you want in a kratom product (see the bulleted list of kratom benefits above), and then focus on the strains of kratom that best deliver those results. Maeng Da kratom blends make it easier for you to get the best of more than one kratom vein.
So, let’s take a look at the Maeng Da types and what each has to offer in terms of experience and finding your perfect balance. From smooth and energizing to giddy elation to the perfect chillaxation, there’s a Maeng Da that’s perfect for your every desire.

Red Maeng Da

From the lush wetlands along the Kapuas River in the Djongkong (often spelled JongKong) district of Indonesia, we get one of the most popular Maeng Da kratom blends: Red Maeng Da.

Strike the optimal balance between calm optimism and cheerful motivation with this indulgent blend of 40% white vein and 60% red vein kratom. Some folks equate energy with feeling frazzled, but it’s not so with this “daytime red,” a popular kratom choice for today’s busy schedules.

Enjoy your day basking in the aura of this soothing red. Comes in easy-peasy kratom capsules or oh-so-versatile powders.

White Maeng Da

Hailing from several districts in west Indonesia, we get another creative blend for soothing energy: White Maeng Da.

This blend is made up of 70% white kratom and 30% green vein kratom powder for the perfect ease in your day that doesn’t crush your focus. Powders or capsules give you all the versatility you need for this opulent variety.

Yellow Maeng Da

Deep in the lush jungles of Kalimantan, Borneo, we source another soothing energy blend that’s a mashup of white and red.

Yellow Maeng Da is 80% white vein kratom with that 20% boost of red vein kratom that’s just right for some folks. In capsule and powder forms, find your daily boost with the sunny optimism and calm of yellow.

Green Maeng Da

If it’s wellness and well-being you’re after, you may want to go green. In the jungles of the Bunut region of Brunei, alongside the Brunei River, grow the kratom plants from which we get our favorite greens—Green Maeng Da, we mean!

In capsules or powders you’ll get 80% green vein kratom with a 20% boost of white so you can feel soothed night or day.

Plantation Maeng Da

Plantation Maeng Da, aptly named so, comes from the cleanest and purest kratom-producing plantations of the JongKong region of Brunei.
It’s a creative blend of 70% green vein kratom and 30% white vein kratom for feelings of pleasantness and comfort. Think of Plantation MD as a “coming home” of sorts, to your own perfect centeredness and balance.

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