5 Facts about Valerian Root

If you’re interested in natural ways to feel better, you need to know about Valerian! This incredible herb is exploding in popularity, and for good reason: the naturally occurring compounds found in Valerian root powder have powerful effects when used as part of an overall wellness regimen. In this blog post, the plant-based power professionals at Kats Botanicals are serving up what you need to know about Valerian by distilling down five important facts related to the use of this incredible plant. Let’s get started!

Fact #1: Valeriana officianalis has been used as a wellness herb since the times of Socrates (ancient Greece).

It may seem wild, but it’s true: the Valerian plant has been acclaimed for its unique properties since the third or fourth century BC, making it one of the oldest botanical supplements with a verified history of cultural use. Initially, the discovery of Valerian’s benefits was a boon to those suffering from insomnia, cough, fever, and other ailments.

Today, highly specialized methods of harvesting and processing Valerian root powder result in a pure, potent product that is most useful for helping to relax at the end of the day. Kats Botanicals Valerian root capsules go the extra mile by lab-testing the organic powder to ensure that it is free from harmful levels of contaminants like heavy metals or pathogens.

Valerian Root benefitsFact #2: Valerian root powder contains nearly a dozen unique plant compounds called alkaloids.

Just as Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring plant compound found in the hemp plant, so too are the 10+ unique alkaloids found in Valerian root powder. Included in these compounds are the alkaloids Actinidine, Chatinine, Valerianine, and Isovaleric Acid. It is believed to be the combination of these alkaloids that is thought to be responsible for the effects of Valerian for those who use it.

Fact #3: Use of Valerian root can have benefits that go beyond promoting restfulness.

For some people, using Valerian root can have benefits that go above and beyond the calming effects the plant is known for. Even though there isn’t much formal research on the topic, there does appear to be plenty of anecdotal evidence that points to Valerian root as being beneficial across a wide wellness spectrum.

Fact #4: The Valerian plant also contains high amounts of certain antioxidants.

You might already know that antioxidants play a key role in the body’s defense against oxidative stress, something we all contend with on a daily basis. Valerian root powder contains Hesperidin and Linarin, both of which qualify as antioxidants; yet another reason to consider taking Valerian root capsules as part of your daily wellness routine!

Fact #5: Just 850 milligrams of Valerian root powder is enough to produce noticeable effects.

Valerian root powder is so potent that less than a single gram of it is enough to generate the positive benefits the plant is known for. 850 milligrams is the amount of Valerian root powder that is contained in two of the vegan-friendly Valerian root capsules available for sale on the Kats Botanicals website. Now that you know more about the history of Valerian root and its uses, why not try some for yourself? If you do give it a shot, don’t forget to contact us and let us know how well it works for you!

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