CBD Extraction and How We Make Our CBD

Cannabidiol is among several new trends in America the past couple of years. The rising tide of CBD Products and hemp have flared up from venues like the stock market, all the way to the grocery market. It is clear that CBD is setting up for a brand new comeback and people who are very considerate when it comes to their health and wellness are at the front of the line to grab this product.

Many people wonder how a vendor like Kats Botanicals gets the finished CBD oil product from the hemp plant. For the most part, this process is very closely guarded by almost every farmer and vendor who provides cannabidiol to the public. There is one thing to understand, reputable vendors do not hide anything from their customers. From lab reports all the way to sharing the tracking information on their package for delivery, the customer should have the right to pertinent information about the product they have just purchased. This article will discuss the many variations of CBD extraction, what they entail, and how Kats Botanicals delivers on high quality, high potency product every time with the CBD oil in their stock.

CBD Is Like a Fine Wine

Wine Maker Pouring Red WineThere is a French statement in wine tasting, “de la terre” which means, “of the earth”. This sentence describes everything the taster needs to know about the specific wine they are tasting. If a person is new to cannabidiol and hemp they can bridge the gap by taking a page out of the sommelier’s book. In wine, every vintage and every region the vintage is grown in results in a different type and flavor of wine.

Each vintage and each area can result in a burst of specific flavors of that area. Everything matters from the type of soil it is grown into the type of weather the placbd bibkent experiences. Whether someone chooses to drink a cabernet from France or a cabernet which has been harvested in California, the one thing that divides these two different wines are the flavors.

It is important to think of cannabidiol like wine. In order for the farmer to maintain consistency, he must understand a major portion of these growing variables to yield the best results each time. Currently, Oregon and Colorado are to hemp as vintage wine is to that small obscure village in France. To date, Colorado is winning the battle of high potency hemp due to the fact the farmers in this area can harvest a more consistent product each time. The high altitudes and low mold rate go a long way into developing that high terpene oil which are the natural factors that go into creating those beautiful flavor profiles.

The farmers who harvest top quality hemp for Kats Botanicals have undergone rigorous processes to prove they can yield these high results each time and consistently create the high standard flavor profile the customers love. Growing high-quality hemp is an art form that depends on the goodwill of Mother Nature and the expertise of the farmer. Extracting the CBD, along with the other cannabinoids, out of the hemp plant is where the real science begins. Once the hemp is painstakingly grown and meticulously harvested at the correct time, the extraction process starts.

The Extraction Process

Once the plant matter is gathered, a solvent is needed in order to extract the desired compounds out of the hemp plant. There are lots of options a vendor can use here, however, in order for the customer to enjoy the consistent blend and taste of CBD oil, the hemp plant must go through the extraction processes. Kats Botanicals has been calling upon the most professional methods which draw out the desirable compounds and eliminate the undesirables. Here are the steps to how they produce an amazing product called CBD oil.

#1 – Hybrid Alcohol Wash

The hybrid alcohol wash extraction method is an extraction process we love when used in extracting the CBD out of the hemp plant. While it is mainly used for live resin/hash oil for extracting THC also, labs can still use this process to extract cannabidiol as well by adding an alcohol wash to the science.

Many laboratories prefer using this method for extraction because it is great at pinpointing and extracting the major resources out of the plant, mainly CBD and THC. Of course, there are other compounds that come with this resulting in the ever-popular ‘Full Spectrum’ blend so many CBD oil enthusiasts have come to love and expect from high yielding cannabidiol.

This full-spectrum product has also resulted in some positive buzz about the Entourage Effect which these cannabinoids bring the user. This is all of the desirable elements extracted from the hemp plant that are beneficial for the customer. The entourage effect has taken a life all of its own and many health and wellness enthusiasts are better understanding how their own endocannabinoid system can be affected positively by all of these combined compounds.

Once the desirable compounds have been extracted the product goes through a process which eliminates the harmful solvents which were used to deliver these hard hitting compounds in the plant to the customer.

#2 – Winterization Process

In order to get ready to eliminate the negative from the product, the first step is to put it through a winterization process. The winterization process is the first step to remove the unwanted materials like lipids and wax the hydrocarbon leaves behind. This method is one which has been perfected by Kats Labs and removes all of these materials as mentioned along with other fats. This is done by first dissolving the extract and all of the material in it as well as cooling it to a low enough temperature that allows it to solidify. This is where the filtration of unwanted materials begins to take place. The final piece of the puzzle is almost complete, however, there are still some ingredients the customer doesn’t want, which is what takes place in the next step.

#3 – Purification/Distillation

One of the reasons Kats Botanicals has such high-quality CBD oil is because they produce a solvent-free oil which has been extracted the correct way. While all of the lipids, wax, and fats have been removed, there are still undesirable ingredients leftover from the first extraction process. Solvents like ethanol needs to be purified out of the product before it is ready for the customer. These solvents can usually be boiled off (some cooled off) at a specific temperature, along with pulling a vacuum to prevent any degradation of the end product makes for a pure, solvent-free CBD oil the customer loves.

In Conclusion

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A little bit of art along with the help of Mother Nature produce viable hemp plants which create a sustainable consistency. On top of that, the science of extraction, as well as the reputation of the vendor providing the cannabidiol, make for a big difference when the customer decides to purchase their next bottle of CBD oil. Many people across America are rushing to their local gas station or supermarket to get in on the hype of this amazing product, however, the true health and wellness enthusiasts understand that just because something says “CBD” on the side, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what the customer will get. It is important to understand the process in which your CBD goes through before it gets to you. Kats Botanicals takes pride in the “wine” of the cannabis family of plants. Whether its from the soil the plant grows in all the way to the packaging it’s delivered in, they strive to bring you the best of everything when it comes to CBD.

Many long time Kratom enthusiasts are also adding CBD oil into their daily routine because they are understanding more about this powerful botanical. We know you are conscious about your wellness as well and this is why we wanted to share our extraction process with you to allow you a better understanding of the process.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Disclosure

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always consult with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program. This product is not for use by or sale to any persons under the age of 18. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is an active and naturally-occurring phytocannabinoid derived from the industrial hemp plant. Kats Botanicals does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US.CSA). All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

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