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Gold Rush Kratom: Everything You Need to Know

Over the past 12 months, we have been releasing new products that best fit the needs of our dedicated customers. From our new Kratom Soft Chews for Dogs to our full-spectrum Mitragynine Kratom extract, we have been extra-busy giving you new ways to bring Mother Nature’s natural enhancement into your life. More recently, we launched one of the most anticipated Kratom blends ever: Gold Rush. A lot has gone into the production and release of this powerful new product, and we want you to be as informed as possible if you decide to try it for yourself. And so, we’re taking a deep dive into Gold Rush Kratom and giving you all the facts you need to know about it so you can use this exciting new strain in a way that maximizes your total well-being.

What’s So ‘Gold’ about Gold Rush Kratom?

When we were coming up with the best name for this blend, we wanted it to impart a sense of refined exclusivity. The reasons for this are threefold:

  1. Gold Rush Kratom is a proprietary blend of three Kratom strains: a Green Vein, a White Vein, and a Red Vein.
  2. The Kratom leaves we use to produce Gold Rush go through a unique post-harvesting process that is rarely used in Indonesia due to the amount of time it takes to complete (more on this in a bit).
  3. Due to the extra steps involved in bringing Gold Rush Kratom to market, we knew we couldn’t make it available year-round, making it a ‘limited edition’ blend.

What’s Inside Gold Rush Kratom?

As we mentioned above, Gold Rush Kratom is a proprietary blend of three Kratom strains, with representation from three color categories: Green, White, and Red—all of which are sourced from the Kalimantan region of Indonesia. We chose these three strains because of how powerful they are—their strength is a result of the enriched soil and environmental conditions where they’re grown. The Kalimantan region is known for producing especially potent Kratom, especially during the dry season. Another reason we selected these strains is because we don’t sell them individually. We wanted to deliver enhanced variety with a new blend our customers had never experienced before, and we struck gold in the process! With Gold Rush, you now have access to a broader menu of strains and blends to use in developing your own rotation schedule.

Green Kali (45%)

Green Kali Kratom is sourced from the same region of Indonesia as the other two strains in this blend, and it is often considered a ‘prototypical’ green vein Kratom strain because of just how balanced its effects are. Kratom users rely on Green Kali for daytime wellness enhancement that includes some effects on energy levels as well as a well-being boost.

White Kali (45%)

Whereas Green Kali could be said to be the paragon of green vein Kratom strains, White Kali is the equivalent for white vein Kratom strains. White Kali Kratom is the ultimate ‘get up and go’ Kratom strain, providing marked effects related to energy and motivation. However, combining White Kali and Green Kali is only ⅔ of the equation here, which is why we needed one last component to arrive at the ultimate ‘Gold’ strain.

Red Kali (10%)

This is a powerful red vein Kratom strain from the Kalimantan region that, on its own, delivers effects that are more characteristic of slowing down, relaxing, and winding down, making it perfect for use at the end of a long day. We experimented with different ratios of Red Kali, and we decided that 10% provided the ideal contribution of effects from the red vein side of the spectrum.

Kratom LeafThe ‘Cold Dry’ Secret to Gold Rush’s Success

So far, we’ve been mostly talking about the combination of Kratom strains that make up the total alkaloid profile found in Gold Rush Kratom. And yes, the commemorative packaging is definitely a nice touch. But, the real secret behind the production of Gold Rush lies in the unique drying process that the Kratom leaves undergo. This drying process is referred to as the ‘Cold Dry’ process.

Here’s how it works:

  1. After the mature Kratom leaves are harvested, they are placed in specialized containers that allow for maximum air flow.
  2. The containers are placed in temperature-controlled rooms where the forced air is maintained at or below 50 degrees fahrenheit.
  3. The Kratom leaves are left to dry for 24 hours before being removed.
  4. After each individual strain is produced, the final powder is placed into burlap bags where another period of controlled drying occurs.

This drying process requires a lot of resources to use, as refrigerated air is much costlier to incorporate into the drying process compared to traditional methods. Also, lower temperatures means longer drying times, typically, which adds more time to the total manufacturing process. The end result is processed Kratom leaves that have a more stabilized alkaloid profile, as higher temperatures tend to prematurely break down the molecular bonds. It’s important to note that all Kats Botanicals Kratom products undergo heat pasteurization that aids in the elimination of harmful pathogens. And, as with all other Kratom products we sell, every shipment of Gold Rush Kratom includes a link to the lab test results showing you exactly how well your Kratom performed in purity and potency tests.

Ongoing Availability for Gold Rush Kratom

Currently, our plan is to make Gold Rush available for as long as supplies last. The strains used in the formulation of Gold Rush are much more time-consuming to produce compared to traditional Kratom powders, which is why we have such a limited amount. If you do manage to try Gold Rush Kratom for yourself, don’t forget to share your review of it with your friends and with us. Even though we think we’ve struck gold with this strain, nothing compares to the unbiased opinions of our customers. Now, go forth and see for yourself if Gold Rush Kratom lives up to its name!

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