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3 Kratom Extract Tips New Users Should Know

Kratom has become a staple for those looking to improve their lives naturally with the help of chemical-free herbs. This amazing plant has been used for thousands of years to improve well-being, increase motivation, and promote feelings of peace and tranquility.

As long as Kratom has been used by both native southeast Asia peoples as well as westerners, it’s no surprise that many users have reported great benefits using Kratom in various formats. One such format is known as Kratom extract, which is the subject of this article.

At Kat’s Botanicals, we supply only the highest-quality Kratom in multiple forms: powder, crushed leaf, stem-and-vein, capsules, and in extracts. Because so many of our customers have such great questions about why they might use a Kratom extract, we want to address their concerns by offering three tips particularly for new users who are thinking about trying extracts for themselves.

red kratom extractIt’s important to remember that Kratom can cause a wide range of effects that can vary widely from person to person. So, if you find that a certain strain or format doesn’t work for you, don’t just write off Kratom entirely. Experimenting with extracts could be a great way to enhance your life using this incredible, naturally occurring plant.

[Note: if you are brand-new to Kratom, we highly suggest you start with powdered leaf or stem-and-vein Kratom products before moving to extracts. Extracts are much, much stronger than straight Kratom powder,

Tip #1: Know Your Potency

You may have already heard that the Kratom plant contains two main alkaloids that are responsible for its positive benefits: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. It is theorized that the full alkaloid profile of any given Kratom strain has an ‘entourage effect’ that helps to potentiate the effects of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

A similar phenomenon is found with other herbs, including cannabis. While it is possible to extract only the active alkaloids (resulting in something known as an ‘isolate’), taking advantage of the entire range of plant molecules typically provides the best results.

The Extraction Process

When a Kratom extract is formulated, the full spectrum of alkaloids is removed from the plant matter through a careful extraction process using solvents and specialized equipment.

Some of the most popular solvents used in herbal extractions are:

  • kratom extract Third-Party Testing forAlcohol
  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Vinegar
  • Propane
  • Butane
  • Ethanol
  • Methanol
  • Etc.

The idea is to use the least harsh solvent possible, so that as many phytochemicals, phenols, and flavonoids as possible are preserved in the process. This is a trial-and-error process for many Kratom extract suppliers, as striking the perfect balance during the extraction process isn’t always easy.

Potency Multipliers

Depending on how much powdered leaf goes into the extraction process, the resulting extract can be quite powerful.

Most Kratom extracts, including those offered by Kat’s Botanicals, have a potency indicator like ‘15x’, ‘25x’, or ‘50x’. What this means is that the amount of plant alkaloids contained in the extract are 15, 25, or 50 times what they are in standard powder format.

What this means is that, if you normally take one gram of powdered leaf, then you’ll be getting fifteen times the potency in taking one gram of a 15x extract. Be very mindful of using Kratom extracts in this way, as potency will determine the intensity of the effects, and consuming too much of an extract won’t always result in a positive experience.

There’s a common saying when it comes to using Kratom extracts: “A little goes a long way”. Also, due to the enhanced concentration of alkaloids in Kratom extracts, the benefits that are experienced might not last as long as you might find with standard Kratom powder. For this reason, it’s smart to use extracts infrequently, on an as-needed basis.

Tip #2: Start Low and Go Slow

The same rule that applies to starting out with Kratom in general applies to the use of Kratom extracts. On its own, powdered Kratom can be remarkably effective. And, even a small dose of it can yield powerful benefits. So, it stands to reason that extracts have the potential of packing a punch, and you want to be ready for this before taking your first dose.

If you’re going to make the leap and start a regimen of extracts usage, and you’re comfortable with the product you’ve selected, the next step is going to be starting low with your dose and keeping your use infrequent until you get comfortable with effects.

Here are the steps you should take when trying a Kratom extract for the first time:

  1. Be sure you know the potency multiplier of the Kratom you’re going to use, and be sure you know where that Kratom came from (ideally it came from Kats Botanicals!).
  2. Measure out the smallest dose that is appropriate for your tolerance level. If you’re at all unsure what that should be, err on the side of less instead of more.
  3. Take your dose using your preferred method of administration. You’ll be able to use a Kratom extract just as you would with any other Kratom powder.
  4. Wait to see how your body responds. If you didn’t experience the benefits you were expecting, modify your dosage accordingly with small increments.

A high-quality Kratom extract can be an outstanding compliment to the use of standard Kratom powder. It can be a great way to ‘switch it up’ every now and again, and to get a boost on days when you need it. But, be sure you’re very conservative with your first Kratom extract dose, and get a good feel for how it affects you before moving forward onto larger or more frequent doses.

Keep in mind that strain variation will play a key role in the benefits you get from the Kratom extract you use. For this reason, it might be helpful to purchase at least two different varieties of Kratom extracts, so you can judge one against the other for its effects.

Generally speaking, it’s not advisable to mix extracts on your own. Start with just a single strain to determine how your body responds to it, and then move to another strain when you’re ready.

Tip #3: Only Use Extracts Supplied by a Trusted Vendor

Unfortunately, there are many Kratom suppliers that don’t conduct due diligence when it comes to lab-testing their products. The reason for this is because independent, third-party testing is very expensive, and not all Kratom vendors are willing to invest in this measure to ensure that their products are certifiably free from contaminants.

maeng da kratom in bowlWithout adequate testing and cleanliness standards, Kratom extracts can become adulterated with harmful contaminants, including mold, pathogens, and heavy metals.

If you’re going to make the foray into Kratom extracts, it’s even more important that you obtain your Kratom extracts from a vendor that supplies a pure, lab-tested product. At Kat’s Botanicals, we invest heavily into this type of testing, because we know it’s important to our customers.

If you’re on the fence about buying Kratom from a vendor you’ve not dealt with before, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long has this vendor been in business?
  • Is there a phone number, chat feature, or some other way to engage with them directly?
  • Is this vendor willing to provide you with documentation showing the lab testing results related to the Kratom they sell?
  • Is this vendor based in the United States?
  • What do the online customer reviews say about this Kratom vendor?
  • Does this Kratom vendor offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

If you sense that something might be ‘off’ with a Kratom vendor after asking the above questions, it’s probably best to look elsewhere. Remember that it’s not worth saving a few dollars if the product you’re getting isn’t healthy for you to consume. Don’t risk it!

Why Trust Kats Botanicals for High-Quality Kratom Extracts

The #1 reason why our customers love Kats Botanicals is because of our dedication to quality.

We know that we won’t be successful in the Kratom market unless we’re able to supply an outstanding product that makes the grade in the areas of potency, purity, pricing, and packaging. Few Kratom vendors have our level of commitment to quality, because it’s expensive to be this detail-oriented!

Every Kratom extracts order from Kats Botanicals goes through a rigorous quality control procedure. The result is cleaner, fresher Kratom you can rely on, order after order.

And, because we maintain a direct relationship with the Kratom cultivators in southeast Asia, you know you’re getting your Kratom extracts from the source. After we receive the highest quality Kratom from our international suppliers, we conduct a battery of stringent tests to ensure that what you get is only the best of the best. This is how we’ve established our credibility in the Kratom community.

At Kats Botanicals, we offer 50x Kratom extracts that you can rely on for consistency, potency, and purity. With the right dosage protocol, our Kratom extracts can help you to live a more balanced, more productive life.

We wish you luck on your Kratom journey. Here’s to your health!


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