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Ultra Enhanced Kratom – Overview & Guide

Ultra Enhanced Kratom – Overview & Guide

Seasoned kratom users need kratom options that are simple, strong, and effective. Depending on your tolerance levels, you may even need an enhanced kratom product. But with all the enriched, mega, ultra-enhanced products out there, what should you choose? Is it all really a bunch of hype? Enhanced kratom products seem to be everywhere. There are issues of quality, purity, and potency to consider, as well as product form and vein. This guide to ultra enhanced kratom products will help you determine if the ultra-enhanced kratom experience is right for you (and what this even means). We’ll also share our line-up of enhanced products and give you some tips on how to use them.

What Is Ultra Enhanced Kratom Powder?

Here’s a newsflash some of our competitors won’t share with you: ultra enhanced kratom is just a fancy-schmancy marketing term. Nothing more. What you need to be looking for on the labeling of any “enriched” or “ultra” product incudes:

  • Are the kratom powders pure and high-quality?
  • Are the mitragynine levels/alkaloid levels higher than 1.5%?
  • Are high-potency and high-quality pure kratom extracts used to fortify the powders?

If you can tick “yes” to all of those, then the kratom product is enriched, and it is more potent for those seasoned kratom users who need this level of kratom benefits. Here at Kats Botanicals, we have an array of products that are enriched for your enhanced kratom experience.

How Are Enhanced Kratom Products Made?

As you can see from the checklist above, strong kratom extracts are used to enrich and fortify regular kratom powders. This makes the product stronger so you don’t need to use as much of it to get the benefits you want. Enhanced kratom products are made by infusing the finest kratom powders with top-grade concentrated kratom extract. The kratom extracts we use here at Kats Botanicals test at 45% MIT levels, which is quite strong. We add these extracts to your favorite kratom veins to boost the mitragynine levels, along with other important alkaloids. The products and kratom experience are then – enhanced. Some companies throw in an “Ultra” or “Mega” description, but enhanced is enhanced. It’s either got those extra kratom extracts or it doesn’t. And, it’s either made with the most potent and pure kratom powders and extracts – or it’s not.

Pro tip: Buy Kats Botanicals and you won’t have to worry about that! We handle quality so you can get the kratom experience you want. If you want an enhanced experience, or need it due to your higher kratom tolerance, we’ve got you.

Who Should Use Ultra Enhanced Kratom Products?

You may be wondering if an enhanced kratom experience is right for you. So, we’ve got one more checklist for you:

  • Is your regular kratom no longer providing the benefits you need?
  • Are you finding yourself taking more and more of your regular kratom, yet feeling like it’s not enough?
  • Do you feel it is time to level-up your kratom experience?

If you answered yes to those, then enriched kratom can help.

Shopping tip: Our enhanced kratom products are labeled Rogue Elephant and Rogue Hippo, and are enhanced with added kratom extracts. In each of these enhanced product lines you can choose your favorite kratom strains: red, white, or green! See all enhanced product choices here.

Enhanced Kratom: Benefits! Benefits! Benefits!

  • More potent
  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting results
  • Can work better for seasoned kratom users
  • Levels-up your kratom experience!

Where Can I Find Ultra Enhanced Kratom for Sale?

If you’re looking for enhanced kratom, or ultra-enhanced kratom (call it what you will), we’ve got a slew of choices for you – high-quality enhanced products that are sure to give your kratom experience, and your life, a wellness boost. Visit Kats Botanicals website to browse our full catalog of life’s botanicals to suit your every need, or check out this enhanced kratom line-up for every kratom enthusiast’s preferences.

Each of the Rogue Hippo and Rogue Elephant products come in versatile powders and convenient capsules.

Rogue Hippo Enhanced Kratom

Rogue Elephant Enhanced Kratom


Or, buy kratom extract to enhance your favorite kratom formula.

Why Choose Kats Botanicals for Your Enhanced Kratom?

Purity and potency greatly affect your kratom experience. Here at Kats, we know you’ll want your kratom experience to be backed by tried and true growing, harvesting, production, and rigorous quality testing ideals. All of this ensures your kratom is really good quality. Keep in mind, if you switch from a sub-standard kratom to an enhanced kratom from Kats’ superior products, that may be quite a leap. This is because weak or muddied kratom powder formulas will not give you the benefits you need.

Pro tip: Here’s how to tell if your current kratom products are low quality.

If you’ve been using good quality kratom (like from Kats Botanicals) and finding it’s not quite enough for your needs, then enhanced kratom options may be exactly what you need. With enhanced kratom, the power is now in your hands to get that more impactful and lasting kratom experience that you need. Then, buckle up buttercup! Your kratom experience is about to go next-level.

What Do I Need to Know Before Trying Ultra Enhanced Kratom Products?

When switching to a new kratom product or vein, it helps to be knowledgeable of a few usage tips.

Enhanced Kratom Dosing Tips

Like with any other kratom product, when you use enhanced kratom powders you’ll need to determine the right dosage for you. For any enhanced product you purchase, check the concentration levels of MIT and other alkaloids, the recommended serving sizes, and factor in your own tolerance. With enhanced kratom products, you may find that you can take less kratom powders to get an equal or stronger experience. This takes a bit of trial and error, and a lot of self observation.

Kratom Dose Factors

  • Your weight
  • Your age
  • Body Mass Index | fitness level
  • How much regular kratom you’ve been taking and how that compares to the higher potency enhanced kratom powders
  • Your tolerance levels
  • Your desired kratom experience

Read, thoroughly, the dosage recommendations on your product and remember to start small. Once you observe how the new alkaloid levels affect you, you may adjust your dosage. It helps to weigh your powders precisely and keep a journal of how you respond to each dosage adjustment. The form of your enhanced kratom product also matters. A kratom capsule, for example, will have a set amount of kratom encapsulated for each dose. You may want to start with the powders while you are working to determine your ideal sweet spot.


We hope this guide to ultra-enhanced kratom vs enhanced kratom products has been helpful to clear up the confusion about these advanced kratom options. For the experienced kratom user, having that next-step kratom is both helpful and economical. Check out Kats Botanicals Guidebook for more tips on how to get more out of your kratom experience!

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