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What You Didn’t Know About Kratom Extract

Kratom extract can supplement your Kratom regimen. Using Kratom in different mediums enables you to enjoy a host of benefits and boosts your well-being. The various forms of Kratom complement one another and enhance your path to health, balance, and overall wellness.

Kats Botanicals has assembled this guide to Kratom extract so you can determine how best to use the extracts for your unique needs.

1. Vendors and Extracts: The Importance of Reliability

It’s important to know that while Kratom extracts have the potential to boost your Kratom regimen to the next level, the quality depends on the Kratom vendor. In order to have a high-quality result, the extract is sourced from sustainably grown, ethically harvested, and expertly-cured Kratom. Otherwise, you may be compromising on either your ethics or your Kratom experience.

Some companies that produce Kratom extract do not put the correct concentration of Kratom in their extract, or the quality of Kratom used for the extract isn’t consistent.

When seeking a reliable Kratom extract, look for a community of committed customers who back the Kratom vendor. Ultimately, it’s this relationship of trust that is the most revealing when it comes to finding Kratom you can count on.

That’s part of the reason why the team at Kats Botanicals strives for transparency in Kratom sourcing. We want you to feel empowered in your choices, and we want to help build a network of individuals who are educated about the botanical options available.

2. Know Your Expectations

Before you begin to use Kratom extract, know what to expect from the experience. This can help guide your usage and build your desired Kratom regimen more efficiently.

Use Kratom extract to supplement your Kratom tea routine or alongside Kratom capsules. This can help you gain more benefits, such as clarity, focus, optimism, and cheerfulness, from a wider variety of Kratom products throughout your day.

Used in this way, Kratom extract can also help you increase or decrease your Kratom tolerance, depending on what dosage you feel you need in your Kratom routine. It is easy to monitor and adjust your dosage as necessary.

For example, with our precisely formulated 50x extract, you can take carefully measured dosages and record them over time. This can help you monitor trends in your overall feelings of well-being and optimism.

Whether you choose to use Kratom extract alone or incorporate it into a routine of teas capsules and soaps, the decision depends on your preferences. All that matters is what helps you feel your best. That’s why it’s essential to experiment with different forms of Kratom and determine which method provides you with the best wellness experience.

3. Not All Extracts Are the Same Quality

The Kratom industry is a relatively new one, which means that not all vendors are aligned with the values espoused by the American Kratom Association.

The American Kratom Association, or AKA, has strict standards for Kratom harvesting, production, and distribution, which help protect consumers. (Kats Botanicals’ values fully align with the AKA, and we will be joining their Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards Program in 2020.)

4. The Benefits of Extract

Kratom extract boasts many of the benefits of Kratom powder, tea, and capsules, and brings the added advantage of a tightly controlled, concentrated dose for added potency. This potency can give you a more sustained feeling of overall balance and well-being that can last you for longer throughout the day.

Depending on the strain used, you can enjoy different nuanced, subtle outcomes that will add to your sense of optimism.

Red Crystal Kratom Extract is made from pure, Red Vein Kratom and distilled to a red crystal for maximum potency. This can promote a profound sense of peace and tranquility and help you unwind after a long, hard day. Our Red Crystal Kratom Extract is a wonderful tool for navigating everyday stresses.

Our Gold Crystal Kratom Extract is made from Green Vein Kratom sourced from the Ketapang and JongKong districts. This extract promotes alertness, motivation, good cheer, concentration, and cognition. This is often best enjoyed in the morning.

Finally, our Super Green Extract is our most powerful and potent form of Kratom extract, and it’s sourced from multiple regions across Indonesia. It adds a spring to your step and can significantly enhance your sense of optimism, readiness for the day, and ability to concentrate.

5. Understand the “X” Factor

The 50x Kratom extract means that the extract is 50 times stronger than the original Kratom.

By understanding the “X” factor, you can use Kratom extract to control your dosage and obtain the exact Kratom results you desire.

6. Extracts Can Raise Your Tolerance

When it comes to the science of extracts, it’s crucial for Kratom users to understand the ways in which Kratom extracts can raise your tolerance to different strains.

If you heavily rely on extracts which are more potent than powder or leaves and are not careful with monitoring your dosage, you can increase your tolerance quickly. Kats Botanicals is completely transparent so you receive exactly what the product states so you can track your dosage.

In addition, extracts can cause your tolerance to increase across the board, not just within that particular strain, so it’s best to switch up your Kratom dosage methods.

7. Extracts Can Control Your Tolerance

kratom extractOn the other hand, you can use a less potent form of Kratom. If you want to use your 50x Kratom extract in a drink, consider using 1/50th of what you would normally use.

Using a Red Crystal Extract, for instance, when you are normally a Green Vein Kratom tea drinker, can help you control your tolerance, mix up the strain varieties you use, and help you carefully track your Kratom dosage.

If you are careful in how you use the extract and keep a daily log of your Kratom usage, you can even use the extract to ensure that you’re keeping your tolerance exactly where you want it.

This easy-to-track factor of the Kratom extract is coupled with the fact that extract is, by definition, more compact and easy to transport. This makes extract travel-friendly and convenient.

8. You Can Use Extracts in DIY Products

Kratom extracts are extremely convenient to use in DIY. For instance, you can use our Kratom extract to make a DIY soap. You can also use Kratom extract to make homemade bath bombs and oils. Because extract is very potent, you don’t need a lot of material as you would using powder or leaf. This prevents the texture from being gritty or dry.

9. Extracts: Part of Your Kratom Regimen

Kratom extracts can form an integral part of your Kratom routine. They can function as a convenient travel health tool or an essential household botanical DIY ingredient.

It’s important to remember there’s no right or wrong way to use Kratom. All that matters is that you find the wellness regimen that’s right for you as an individual. That’s why Kats Botanicals offers Kratom extract products at various sizes and prices, which enables you to sample the extracts and decide what you prefer on your own time.

10. You Can Use Kratom Extracts in Recipes

Much like you can incorporate CBD oil into your favorite dishes, you can also use Kratom extract to boost your next meal. Kratom extract is much more bitter than leaves or powder, so it’s important to use the exact dosage you need for your daily regimen and adjust spices and ratios of other food items to your taste.

Many people like to take their Kratom extract mixed with juice, especially orange juice, in the morning to promote their concentration and cheerfulness. Others prefer to mix the extract in with their morning tea, coffee, or smoothie.

Because coconut milk helps dilute the strong herbal taste of Kratom, mix your extract in with coconut milk, fresh fruits, ice, and a teaspoon of honey to blend together a smoothie that will enhance your day.

For lunch, consider mixing your Kratom extract in with your applesauce or yogurt to help decrease your midday irritability and promote a relaxed state of mind.

Kratom extract can also be mixed into melted chocolate, jam, and Jell-O. For dinner, drizzle extract onto your pizza or onto a grilled cheese sandwich.

Last Word

Kratom allows more flexibility in Kratom usage, greater convenience, and increased dosage control. These benefits are profound and can help take your Kratom journey to the next level.

Look for a community of devoted Kratom customers who can attest to the quality of Kratom extract. In addition, it’s also necessary to educate yourself about Kratom extract usage. Understand the strains and do your research.

Kratom extract provides the same benefits of standard Kratom, except in a more condensed, more potent format.

Kratom extract is stronger than kratom powder, but that doesn’t mean that it is better or worse.

A Kratom shot is typically a small amount (<3 fluid ounces) of liquid containing a premeasured amount of Kratom. Sometimes, the amount is determined by a multiplier listed on the packaging (i.e., 5x, 10x, etc.).

When Kratom extracts are used responsibly and sourced from reliable, reputable vendors, they are generally safe. However, if you are new to Kratom, it’s advised that you do not start with Kratom extracts. Instead, start with very small doses (1-2 grams) of Kratom powder or crushed leaf.

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