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Red Explosion: How a Legendary Kratom Strain Was Born

In the Kratom world, it’s rare to find truly groundbreaking products. Throughout the 10+ years that Kratom has been routinely consumed here in the West, there have really only been a handful of game-changing products that have stood the test of time. Kratom extracts could be said to be one of them. Kratom-infused dog treats are another good example. But what about standard Kratom powder? Is there really anything new under the sun? Hasn’t it all been done before?

In late 2021, we released a new Kratom strain that has since taken the market by storm. This new strain—dubbed “Red Explosion”—has become so incredibly popular that we decided to dedicate a blog post to it. So what is so special about our Red Explosion Kratom strain? What makes it any different from the dozens of other Kratom strains currently on the market? And, is it a strain that you should try for yourself? We’re tackling these questions and more. So sit back, relax with a Kratom beverage of your choice, and learn about this revolutionary new Kratom strain.

Red ExplosionAn Act of Botanical Alchemy

For decades, Kratom users and suppliers have been combining different strains using different ratios in order to develop blends and mixes that produce desired effects. For example, most White Vein Kratom strains are used to promote energy, whereas most Red Vein Kratom strains are better suited to winding down at the end of the day. What happens when you blend them together? Well, you get a little bit of both effects, something that many Kratom users particularly enjoy. It’s this kind of experimentation that has yielded some superstar specialty strains, like our Digital Buddha and Above the Waves strains, both of which have become customer favorites over the years. We know that combining Kratom strains of differing vein colors can lead to some very interesting results. But, what about combining strains of the same vein color? Would there even be a noticeable difference? That is exactly what we wanted to find out when we decided to combine not one, not two, but 12 different Red Vein Kratom strains together. Crazy idea, right? Maybe, but the result was nothing short of…well…explosive!

6 Regions, 12 Strains, One Powerful Discovery

As you may already know, Indonesia is the principal exporting country for Kratom. While Kratom can be cultivated and harvested in other locations throughout southeast Asia, virtually all of it is shipped from Indonesia to other parts of the world. When we were looking for the ideal Red Vein Kratom strains to include in our Red Explosion formulation, we combed our network of Kratom farm operators to find a Red Vein Kratom source from as many regions as possible. Here’s the thinking behind this. When the Kratom tree (Mitragyna speciosa) grows, its development depends on the presence of moisture, minerals, and sunlight exposure. Moreover, there are post-harvest processing techniques that can further alter the alkaloid profile of any given Kratom strain. So, a Red Vein Kratom strain from, say, the JongKong region of Indonesia can have a distinctly different alkaloid profile compared to a Red Vein Kratom strain sourced in Sumatra, one of the Sunda Islands in western Indonesia. By intentionally combining Red Vein Kratom strains from geographically disparate areas throughout the country, the idea was to bring all of the benefits of Red Vein Kratom together in a ‘Super’ blend that could be considered the archetypal Red Vein Kratom strain to rule them all. The resulting blend is our “Red Explosion” Kratom, which we are still calling a ‘Limited Reserve’ strain just because of how much work goes into making it and how truly limited its supply is.

Why It’s Such a Big Deal

The reason for Red Explosion’s success can be summed up in two words: consumer response.

In just four short months, we’ve received dozens upon dozens of positive reviews for Red Explosion. The consumer response has been nothing short of extraordinary, with Kratom users leaving comments like this one:

“This limited edition blend was my first REAL kratom experience. I have tried several other blends and nothing compares to the quality of Red Explosion. [The feeling] has absolutely no rivals in the industry that I have found thus far.” – Stephanie W.

…and this one:

“This amazing product absolutely lived up to all the hype. 100% satisfied and will definitely buy again. Thanks Kats!” – Regina D.

Make no mistake: Red Explosion is a hit with Kratom users around the country. Clearly, the method we used to create this iconic blend has produced a final product that Kratom users are raving about!

Should You Try Red Explosion?

It’s safe to say that Red Explosion is one of the most sophisticated Red Vein Kratom strains on the market today. A lot goes into producing it, and it’s definitely being celebrated as a top-tier Red Vein strain. But, is it for everyone? The answer is subjective. This is because different Kratom strains can produce different effects depending on the user. For some people, Red Vein Kratom strains are the perfect complement to a relaxing evening, whereas for others, a potent Green Vein strain can produce similar effects. In short, trying it for yourself is the only way to know if Red Explosion is as powerful of a Red Vein Kratom strain as people are saying it is. If you do decide to try it, we recommend starting with a modest serving size (at or below 2.4 grams, or one level teaspoon) just to gauge how your body responds to the strain. And, as with all other Kratom strains, keep your servings to 1-2 per 24-hour period. Remember, Red Explosion won’t be around for very long. For those of you who are intrepid enough to try it, don’t forget to contact us and let us know what you think about it!

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