Your Guide to the Best Kava Coffee

Your Guide to the Best Kava Coffee

Your Guide to the Best Kava Coffee

Kava coffee is becoming a favorite enjoyable alternative to traditional coffee. But, there’s a lot of confusion about what kava coffee really is.

For example, these are all very different things:

  • Kava coffee (or teas) brewed by steeping kava powders
  • Instant Kava Coffee Products (which may or may not be kava-infused)
  • Traditionally brewed coffee with kava powders added to it

Today we’re discussing kava coffee beverages. We’ll also discuss some alternatives to your morning coffee (like kava powders or even kratom flavored drink packs) to kick your day off right! Let’s dive in.

What Is Kava Coffee?

Kava is made from grinding the roots of the Piper Methysticum plant. This tropical plant is native to the Western Pacific. (More specifically Fiji, Hawaii, Samoa, and Tonga.) Often called kava kava, these fine root powders make a pungent and aromatic beverage. Locals use it to relax, for ceremonies, and to make social engagements more pleasant. Today, you can find kava as a supplement in health food stores. Or, in tea bags for a convenient and relaxing cup of steaming tea. Or as a powder that can be added to other (non carbonated) beverages, like coffee.

Local kava bars also offer a variety of kava beverages, including kava coffee. But, kava bar coffee and the kava instant coffee mixes you find online are not the same. You see, there’s no kava root at all in most kava coffee brands you find online.

Kava Coffee vs Reduced Acid Instant Coffee, or Instant Kava Coffee

We love the rich and robust flavor of coffee to kick-start our mornings. The aroma, that first delicious sip, and the great taste of our favorite roast! But due to its high acidity, coffee is notoriously hard on the tummy. This is why you can find reduced-acid coffee products on the market today. One of the most popular is a reduced acid instant coffee named “Kava.” This coffee alternative is less likely to bother the stomach. This low-acid coffee option has less acid per cup, which may be easier on your tummy.

To be clear, these Kava instant coffee products do not contain kava root. But, if you add kava root powder to your coffee you are making a real kava-infused coffee. You can also steep kava powders in a muslin bag to produce a tea-like beverage we call kava tea. You can also add this kava tea to your coffee.

  • Regular coffee comes in quite versatile, with lots of rich flavors. But if we want a caffeine boost, we have to drink more concentrated versions. Thus, we endure lots of acid that can bother the stomach.
  • Real kava coffee (coffee with added kava root powders) is like your regular cuppa Joe with a serious caffeine kick. The kava actually boosts the caffeine!
  • Kava brand instant coffees are regular coffees with less acid – so your cuppa Joe doesn’t tear up your stomach (thank goodness!).

As you can see, these are three very different experiences. Which is why you need to know what it is that you are consuming. And as with all plant-based beverages, you should use it wisely.

The Quest for Real Kava Coffee

If your morning brew needs more oomph, then check out real kava coffee! Make a trip to your local kava bar and have them brew one up for you. Or, if you want to simply enjoy kava coffee at home – it’s super easy to make for yourself!

What You Need to Make Kava Coffee

  • Your favorite coffee roast, ground and ready to brew
  • A coffee pot
  • A coffee mug
  • Kats Botanicals Kava Powders
  • Spoon or stirring stick
  • Sweetener and creamer of choice

Kava Coffee Recipe Steps

  1. Brew the coffee to your liking. Pour the rich brew into the mug, leaving enough room to add in powders, sweeteners, creamers, and for stirring comfortably.
  2. Measure the desired amount of kava powder. Do not exceed the manufacturer’s daily recommendations on dosing.
  3. Pour the powders into the coffee and stir to combine.
  4. Add sweetener and creamer to taste.
  5. Stir and enjoy!

Kava is best on an empty stomach, but eat a light snack or meal with your kava coffee if the coffee irritates your tummy.

You can also try a low-acid coffee to replace your regular roast.

Follow the recommended dosing on the kava product you use. Start with a lesser amount the first few times you add it to your coffee to see how it makes you feel – Kava + caffeine can be rather stimulating!

What Does Kava in Your Coffee Do?

If you are a seasoned kava user, then you know kava’s relaxing effects. But it’s a common misconception that kava will somehow offset the effects of caffeine. It may surprise you to know that the opposite of that is true! Real kava has the power to infuse your mornings, days, evenings, with well-being and calm. But it works a little differently when you add it to a beverage, like coffee, that contains caffeine. This is because of how kava and caffeine metabolize together. Kava actually boosts caffeine’s effects on you.

Where Do I Find a Kava Coffee Product to Buy Online?

At this time Kats Botanicals does not offer a kava coffee blend, per se, but we do sell kava root powders which you can use to make your own. We hope you’ll use the kava coffee recipe above and give it your own creative touches!

Here’s Why You’ll Love Kats Kava

  • Our high-quality kava root powders are top-ot-the-line.
  • All our products are rigorously tested for quality and purity.
  • We offer a money-back guarantee to make sure you love what you buy.
  • Our kava, Kratom, CBD, and other botanical products have fewer additives and chemicals for the purest and most natural experience.

Grab some kava powders right here at Kats so you can make your own kava coffee (or milkshakes, or teas, or smoothies!) right at home.

Is There a Subscribe and Save Option for Kava?

We don’t currently offer a “Subscribe and Save” option for kava products, but you can take advantage of the savings offered in our Loyalty Program. See our full FAQS to see if you qualify for special discounts. For more savings, Kat’s Botanicals offers free shipping on all orders over $100 for standard shipping in the contiguous U.S.

Kava Coffee Alternatives

One last thing…we promised you some kava coffee alternatives! Did you know that kratom powders can also be mixed into your favorite cup of coffee? And you have a bit more versatility with kratom. First of all, kratom doesn’t interact with the caffeine as much as kava can. With kratom, you can have an enhanced cup of coffee without boosting the jittery feeling caffeine gives you.

Here are a few tips to using kratom as a kava coffee alternative:

  • Choose a daytime kratom strain. Each product page will tell you which strains are best for daytime. Or, use the search feature on our website to locate the daytime veins.
  • Add a bit of your favorite kratom powder to your morning cup of coffee and stir. Kratom has a strong flavor (as does coffee) so add sweetener or creamer to your liking.
  • Try different veins (red, white, green, etc.) of kratom to get the feeling you want.
  • For a richer cup of coffee, try our Horchata Kratom mix as a delicious creamer!
  • Try these recipes for our popular kratom drink mixes. (These also work great in breakfast smoothies.)
  • Try any kava or kratom coffee, or the drink mixes (available in convenient 1-pack servings) over ice for a refreshing summer drink.


For More Information

You can find more information on kava coffee and other botanical well-being products on our Kats Botanicals Guidebook page.

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Your Guide to the Best Kava Coffee