5 Amazing Attributes of Shilajit You Can’t Ignore

Over the course of many years, people are discovering different ways to utilize natural alternatives instead of chemical cures. This comes on the heels of the new wave of a generation who consistently seeks further education and resources on wellness options. These options for a healthier lifestyle may include plants or other natural elements. One of these alternatives has been around for quite some time but was seemingly lost for decades only to be discovered once again. This new, yet old, alternative source is called shilajit and it is quickly becoming a staple in the home.

The topic of health and wellness is ever-present in the entire world today. In every city and local town, being healthy is either a way of life or a hopeful dream of individuals around the globe. This comes at a great time because a recent study revealed that there were over 1.9 billion people over 18 years old who were suffering from weight problems. Out of these people, 650 million were suffering from obesity in their life.




It is time for the human race to start considering healthy options for their daily routine. Small changes can mean a world of difference, and could possibly save someone’s life in the future. Due to this recent mindset, healthy alternatives are top of mind to a lot of people and one of the up and coming products they are talking about is shilajit. Shilajit is a substance that evolves from decomposed plant matter which is created after the plant matter dies and combines with other substances in the ground. After a while, it falls into the cracks of rocks located in the high mountains usually in Europe and Asia, where it is raised from the dead by the sun and emerges to the surface of the rocks as a tar-like substance. The compounds in shilajit are one of the reasons so many people are benefitting from a healthier lifestyle. Here are five beautiful characteristics of this product you should pay attention to.

#1 – Antiviral Properties

The longer the human race continues to serve themselves with fast food, grease, and other harmful ingredients, sickness will continue to prevail. Fast food restaurants truly are a scourge in our country right now and people have grown into the habit of leaning on these sources for food. This study suggests that shilajit contains a natural source of antiviral properties to the individual. While it also says that there is a largely unexplained focus group which still needs to be discovered, the first impressions of shilajit are positive in keeping the body healthy.

#2 – Contributes to Cognitive Health

Shilajit holds a plethora of compounds and ingredients which are beneficial to the human body. One of which is called fulvic acid, an antioxidant which is known to prevent the buildup of the tau protein. Tau proteins are an essential part of the brain’s neurological health, but too much buildup can cause problems. This specific instance shares an interesting theory that shilajit can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in patients. A recent study was completed that confirmed this claim and added that the neurological benefits provided by this nutraceutical appears to be a positive benefit for the body in cognitive issues.

#3 – Aging

The clock is ticking on every person in the world. The race to do what needs to be done before that time expires is important to every human being on the planet. Shilajit also produces attributes that have been said to slow the aging process. One study suggests that daily use of shilajit could slow down the aging process because of the protection these compounds have against the free radicals that come against the body’s internal clock. This is also known as cellular regeneration and is a powerful resource for someone who wants to take care of their body for as long as they can.

#4 – Energy and Recovery

Energy and recovery is possibly the number one reason most individuals enjoy shilajit. This fantastic source of energy has been used from Olympic teams to military branches. Shilajit ensures a healthy circulation of blood which helps with oxygen levels and also removes CO2 and lactic acid from the body during this process. Energy is an important resource in a daily routine and most people suffer from chronic fatigue. This disease causes them to be less efficient in their life, however, shilajit allows the user to enjoy a metabolic boost.

One of the compounds in shilajit is arginine. Arginine increases the performance of nitric oxide in muscle tissue. This process causes the body to provide better muscle function and allows the body to get the most out of whatever exercise or project they are working on at the time. Shilajit is naturally regenerative with electrolytes and it balances the body’s natural resources to recover more quickly than it normally would.

#5 – Alcohol

One of the attributes of shilajit is not alcohol, but how it affects someone who has continued to drink alcohol to the point where they become dependent on it. There are many addictions in the world and there are 8 million Americans who are dependent on the drink. While this is a staggering number, shilajit could help people who suffer from this disease. According to a study on alcohol addiction, it was concluded that shilajit was found to reduce alcoholic anxiety in the mice test subjects. This study links shilajit to a powerful claim that it has anti-addictive potential and could be considered. In 2012, 3.3 million deaths were alcohol-related. Could this number be drastically reduced if people were to administer shilajit to their daily routine? Scientists will know more once they begin testing on humans, however, the model is very close and could mean positive outcomes.

In Conclusion

There are many different alternative health and wellness options one should consider in their routine every day. Shilajit should definitely be in that roundup because of these, and all the other positive attributes it produces in the human body. The world wants more alternative resources and this product could be the very thing they’re looking for.

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