Where Can I buy Kava

Where Can I Buy Kava?

Do you want to buy kava? Not sure where to look for premium kava products? Don’t worry, we’ve got tons of great information for you today to help you shop for kava!


Because kava is legal in all 50 U.S. states as a dietary supplement, it’s easy to find kava at a store near your home or place a quick online order. You can buy quality kava from:

  • In-person brick-and-mortar stores, apothecaries, or wellness stores that sell kava and other wellness botanicals
  • Online kava vendors
  • Kava bars or kava lounges

If you live in an area where farmers grow kava here in the US, you may find some at a farmer’s market. This is pretty rare since most kava on the market today is from the South Pacific, where the plants are native.

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A quick Google search can help you find kava sellers in your area such as:

  • Grocery stores
  • Specialty wellness supplement stores
  • Private vendors

Just type in “where to buy kava near me,” “kava for sale near me,” “health and wellness stores,” or something similar and see what comes up in your area. Visit a few stores and see if you like their product selection, pricing, and staff assistance.


  • Convenience of local shopping
  • Support small business, local economy
  • In-person shopping experience
  • In-person staff support
  • Instant purchase and quick use of your product


  • Driving times may vary
  • Staff may be more sales-oriented than knowledgeable about kava
  • Pricing covers store overhead


We think this is the best way to get premium kava products – if you know what you are looking for. Buying kava online puts limitless resources at your fingertips – but you will need to vet your vendors and the products:

We encourage you to shop for kava with due diligence, paying close attention to product descriptions and other indicators of a reputable kava seller.


  • Vendors that specialize in kava and other wellness supplements
  • Online vendors often have blogs FAQs, and other resources to help you learn more about using kava
  • Large selection
  • Shop from the comfort of your home
  • Many vendors have chat or email to answer your questions


  • Quality of vendors varies
  • Risk of pop-up vendors (you should avoid these)
  • Some vendors may be unethical or carry inferior products (Not a problem if you find a good kava vendor!)
  • Delivery costs and waiting time


Kava tea is made by manually manipulating kava powders in a mesh bag while pouring tepid water over it. The resulting milky or “muddy” water is called kava tea, which is drunk quickly for best results. Subsequent kava teas can elevate and prolong your kava experience.

Today you can make kava tea at home (or kava coffee!), visit a kava bar, kava lounge, kratom bar, or coffee shop that offers kava on the menu. If you prefer to make kava at home and want something easy, you can find tea bags at grocery stores or health food stores that are infused with a little bit of kava. These are often labeled as “stress teas” and marketed to support relaxation or provide mood support. Many contain other ingredients like Ashwagandha or chamomile, depending on the manufacturer and formulation.

A quick note: Because kava can relax you, use it responsibly and be aware if the kava impairs your ability to operate a vehicle.


Before you shop – let’s get you up to speed on all things kava.

Kava, also called kava kava, comes from a South Pacific island plant in the pepper family called Piper methysticum. Interestingly, this shrub can’t easily propagate on its own. Kava shrubs depend on expert cultivation by generational farmers who are dedicated to their crop. Through their efforts and exports, now you can find a source of kava to buy without making a trip to the topics—although, a trip to Hawaii or Fiji does sound pretty good!

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How does kava make us feel so good? Turns out, those dreamy vibes come from kava’s active ingredients; kavalactones, which are concentrated in the root fibers of the plant. Each region produces a unique kavalactone profile, which is why you find kava varieties named by the region where they are grown.

Kava root material is harvested, dried, ground, and sold for consumption in two main ingestible product types; kava powders (ground root) or extracts (extracted kavalactones minus the root material). Kava products are taken as an herbal supplement or enjoyed as a relaxing beverage.


When considering any dietary supplement, prepare to do a little research. While kava is a favored go-to for finding calm in otherwise tense situations due to its purported calming effects, there may be some side effects with excessive use – just like with any natural supplement. It’s important to consider your current health, other supplements or medications you may be taking, and the input of a licensed healthcare professional.

Kava is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease, disorder, or medical problem. Though technically legal, it is not regulated by the FDA.


Kava root powder, like any other wellness substance, can come in a variety of forms.

  • INSTANT KAVA OR MICRONIZED KAVA POWDERS – Traditional, non-micronized kava powders produce a muddy and sometimes gritty-textured drink. Although many kava drinkers appreciate this earthiness as a part of the kava experience, some want a smoother option. Kava root powders are further pulverized into very small particles to produce micronized kava powders or kava “instant” products. This improves dissolvability in water, the smoothness of your tea, and the bioavailability of kavalactones in your system.
  • KAVA EXTRACTS OR CONCENTRATED KAVA – If you don’t like the texture of natural kava root powder, concentrated liquid extract may be the right product for you. These are made by isolating the kavalactones, and still may have a strong taste, which some kava users describe as “whiskey-like.” Potency varies. Refer to the manufacturer’s product details to see how much kava root extract you should use per serving. To use, simply drip the extracts onto your food or into a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beverage like water or juice.
  • KAVA CAPSULES – Kava capsules are kava root powders that are encapsulated into capsules or formed into tablets, which are perfect for people who do not enjoy the earthy, bitter taste or texture of traditional kava tea. Take with a glass of water on an empty stomach for the best results.
  • POWDERED KAVA DRINK MIX – Kava drink mixes instant kava powders with some sweetener or flavoring added. They are easy to mix into water, portable, and palatable.


If you want to buy high-grade kava that you enjoy using, try a few different varieties of kava, which differ in terms of strength and flavor. Regional nuances are produced by variations in the kavalactone and flavonoid profiles.

  • NOBLE KAVA VS TUDEI KAVA – The phrases “noble kava” and “Tudei” or “two-day” kava denote quality. Noble kava types provide more consistent results, less unwanted effects, and are considered higher quality. Tudei kava can be rather strong and create lingering unwanted effects. Because Tudei kava is reserved for ceremonial practices and is best in the hands of kava experts, it’s not even exported.
  • VANUATU KAVA – Kava from its birthplace! Some consider this to be one of the most potent kavas you can buy.
  • FIJI KAVA – Kava grown in the lush jungles of Fiji. This is considered a more moderate-strength kava and is a popular choice for kava users new and experienced.]
  • WAKA KAVA | LATERAL ROOT KAVA – A lateral root kava from Fiji. Lateral roots have a higher kavalactone concentration and can be more bitter.
  • TONGA KAVA – A ceremonial kava from the island of Tonga, where kava means “bitter.”
  • KAVA BLENDS – Just like it sounds; a blend of different kava varieties.


To buy the best kava it’s important to find a reputable vendor. Vetting your kava vendors will help you choose a company you can trust so each interaction with them is as pleasant as those relaxing sips of kava tea.

Before you make a purchase, ask yourself (or the vendor!) these questions:

  • Where is the kava sourced? Is it responsibly sourced?
  • Is the kava tested for impurities, chemicals, or pathogens?
  • What’s the current price? (A bag of kava’s price can reflect market conditions.)
  • What payment methods do they accept? Some Farmer’s Markets may be cash-only, but most online vendors accept credit and debit cards, even Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.
  • Does the company have a mobile app?

Furthermore, and maybe most importantly, take a look at vendor and product reviews to see how others have enjoyed the kava products they offer. Check the Better Business Bureau website for any potential complaints about the vendor.

If you are shopping in person, vetting can be a little easier. Take a look around the store. Do they sell a lot of kava products in prominent areas of the store? Are the sales staff knowledgeable about kava products?


While yes, kava is enjoyed as a support supplement to help promote relaxation, kava hasn’t been approved as a sort of heal-all herb and ethical companies will be honest with you about that. It’s easy to avoid purchasing a bad product from a disreputable vendor by asking the right questions and adhering to one important rule –always read labels!

Some kava products may boast “natural stress relief” or a “full-body calm.” These types of statements regarding dietary supplements like kava have not been evaluated by the FDA. Since kava is legal but unregulated, you must always read labels with a discerning eye.


Pop-up vendors are online sellers that only sell what’s hot on the market. They hastily put up websites, sell a lot of product, then vanish. Look for extensive customer reviews that date back a while to be sure your vendor will consistently stand by their products, and you, with education and support.

Look for a “Frequently Bought Together” section to see if the company has other wellness products, indicating a company dedicated to health and wellness supplements. If “Frequently Bought Together” suggests lampshades and lawn tractors, you might want to find a different vendor who can provide the personal care you need when shopping for wellness supplements.


  • Bold product claims
  • Messy product descriptions riddled with misinformation and poor grammar
  • Lack of product testing transparency
  • Poor rating on the Better Business Bureau
  • Poor customer reviews (or lack of)


When you choose a reputable kava vendor like Kats Botanicals, you know you are getting premium noble kava and exemplary customer support. With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee you can enjoy kava products and other botanical wellness supplements without worry. Thanks for reading and best of luck to you on your wellness journey!

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Where Can I buy Kava