How to Get the Most Out of Your Kratom

How to Get the Most Out of Your Kratom

Whether you’ve been a part of the Kratom community for years or you’re just starting, there are ways to make Kratom work better for your health.

This fantastic tropical evergreen tree has benefitted many consumers over the years, not just in its native Southeast Asia; Kratom is becoming more popular in the West.

If you want the optimal dose of Kratom, you need to understand dosage, tolerance, and potentiators. You also need to know how to locate a reputable seller accurately and how to store your Kratom powder.

Kratom Strains

how to get the most out of your kratomThe first order of business in getting the most out of your Kratom is to find the strain that’s right for you. There are three different strains, mostly all made from the same tree – red vein Kratom.

Although there are green vein and white vein Kratom trees growing in the wild, they are rare. The majority of the Kratom powder you see on the market, even green and white vein, is all made from red vein Kratom and processed in a specific way to change its hue and the strain.

To find the perfect strain for you, you’ll have to do some experimenting and research about the benefits of each strain. The main element in Kratom trees that benefit humans is the naturally-occurring alkaloids.

Green vein Kratom promotes focus and cognition; red vein imbues a sense of calm and peace; white vein combines the best of both these strains and adds an extra kick to get you going.

You can even mix the strains once you know what you’re doing. A green and white vein Kratom mixture promotes alertness and well-being.

To adopt Kratom into your lifestyle, spend some time researching and trying out the different strains to see which one fits your lifestyle.

Kratom Dosage

Along with tolerance, you need to decide on dosage. The best way to go about this if you have never had Kratom before is to start small and work your way up. The maximum dosage for Kratom is 2.4 grams, and you shouldn’t exceed two doses in 24 hours.

Many people start with a half a gram or a gram and then add increments of a half gram. Once you find your sweet spot of well-being and balance, make a note of it.

If you are exploring both the strains of Kratom and dosages simultaneously, keep each strain separate at the beginning so you can understand the perfect dosage with each strain. All the strains’ benefits are different, so the right dosage for your body may also be dissimilar for each one.


When you’ve been using Kratom for a while, you may experience a plateau where you find your Kratom routine is stagnant. You may be tempted to up your dosage or take it more frequently, but this does not help reboot your routine.

Most Kratom consumers identify which strains they prefer quickly. Once you have embarked on your Kratom journey, you’ll know if you enjoy green, red, or white Kratom most. After a while, you may notice that the experience of your chosen Kratom is not working at the same level that it once did. If you feel as if you have hit a plateau, you may need to switch out your strains.

To avoid hitting a Kratom stagnancy, create a set schedule to observe and record when you take Kratom and what strain you prefer. You may already have a general idea about this but, like a food journal, it helps to write it all down. Once you have a set schedule, write a new one that avoids the same strain two days in a row. Ideally, you should only use the same strain once every three days.

By setting a schedule, you can maintain concrete notes on when you take Kratom and what strain you have chosen. Switching up your strains also allows you to explore Kratom and discover any hidden gems you may have overlooked in the past.

Kratom Potentiators

A potentiator is a substance that amplifies the outcome of whatever material with which it is paired. Some substances, like apple cider vinegar or turmeric, work with your Kratom powder to make it more potent.

Some potentiators, like turmeric, are best used before you take your Kratom dose, whereas others, like apple cider vinegar, don’t need a set schedule. Black pepper is another potentiator of both turmeric and Kratom.

Much like your exploration of the different Kratom strains, start small and work your way up if you plan on using a Kratom potentiator.

Methods for Taking Kratom

The way you take your Kratom can also affect your experience. Traditionally in Southeast Asia, many Kratom consumers chew the leaves, but Westerners sometimes balk at Kratom’s acidic, herbal taste, which is comparable to strong green tea.

Some users enjoy the simplicity of the toss-and-wash method, in which you scoop a spoonful of Kratom powder into your mouth and wash it down with liquid.

You can make food and beverages out of your Kratom. Many people swear by Kratom smoothies, as you can add some potentiators to the smoothie and other spices that help mask the bitterness of the Kratom’s taste.

Adding Kratom powder to meals is also a possibility. When working Kratom powder into a meal, you can supplement more spices and sneak in some potentiators as well, like in a Kratom and turmeric curry.

Additionally, many users love to make Kratom tea, which you can make ahead, store in your fridge, and enjoy hot or cold at any time. You can also add sweeteners like honey or syrup to make the tea more palatable. Citrus juice is also a Kratom potentiator. Add grapefruit or lemon juice to your tea to boost the flavor and benefits.

You can take Kratom powder in capsule form. If you opt to make your Kratom capsules, adjust your dosage down to the microgram and switch up your strains as you see fit. Capsules are discreet, transportable, and adapt to your daily needs.

Kratom extract is another way to take your Kratom and is a robust and discreet method of ingestion. Kratom extract also helps minimize the number of doses you take each day and the amount of Kratom in each dose. Extremely easy and effective, Kratom extract is an excellent method.

Deciding which method of ingestion is best for you is a constructive way to get the most out of your Kratom powder.


Once you’ve found the right strain, dosage, and method, you need to know how to store your Kratom powder so that it doesn’t grow stale and lose its potency.

Like any other herb or spice, store your Kratom out of the sun in a dark, sealed container. The back of a cool, dry pantry is an excellent option. If you use jars, make sure that the lids are sealed tightly. If you opt for plastic bags, seal it after pushing all the air out of the bag, creating a vacuum.

Dampness, UV light, and oxygen are the three elements that age Kratom exponentially. You can’t get rid of these factors, but you can significantly cut down on how much your Kratom is exposed to each one.

Of course, storing your Kratom correctly won’t do any good if you’re not working with a quality product. To get the most out of your Kratom product, you must make sure you’re getting it from a trustworthy, reputable seller.

Quality Product

Sourcing KratomSuppliers who have a vested interest in keeping their Kratom pure and untainted send their products out for testing in a third-party laboratory. These unbiased results show what is in the product, if the label matches the contents, and if there are any other detrimental substances like pesticides or pathogens in the powder.

These lab results give you a snapshot as to how the Kratom was treated before it arrived at your house. Bacteria like mold grow on Kratom leaves that are picked up off the ground, not off a tree, or that haven’t been stored properly.

If your potential seller doesn’t have a strong rapport with its growers and processors in Southeast Asia, the Kratom may be stored damp, encouraging the growth of bacteria, or mishandled in some other way.

Choose a kratom vendor like Kats Botanicals that has a connection with Kratom growers and processors in Southeast Asia. The more the vendor knows about its Kratom, the more assured you can feel about your purchase.

Final Thoughts

Making your Kratom powder work for you takes some research, time, and effort, but it is well worth it in the end. If you’re adopting Kratom into your wellness regimen, spend the time learning about the different strains, your dosage, and any potentiators you may use with your Kratom.

Kratom powder has helped numerous people better balance the stresses of everyday life. Kratom can help boost your well-being and enhance focus.

At Kats Botanicals, we’re excited about all things Kratom. If you have any questions or comments about our products, we’d love to hear from you.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Kratom