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Kratom Capsules – A Complete Guide

Not everyone can ‘stomach’ the taste and aroma that comes with taking Kratom in powdered form. There is a very distinct, ‘earthy’ taste profile that Kratom has, and it’s something not everyone can just put up with.

Thankfully, this incredible herb can be ingested using capsules, a method that altogether eliminates the pungent, bitter Kratom taste that some find unpleasant.

If you’re new to Kratom and want to try taking it in capsule form, Kats Botanicals offers a variety of strains in encapsulated format. Alternatively, you can buy the Kratom powder from us and use your own capsules and capsule maker.

When it comes to making and taking Kratom capsules, we get a lot of questions from our customers.

In this article, we’re going to feature a few of the most common ones.

capsules with kratom in themAt Kats Botanicals, we are passionate about educating our customers about all of the benefits that Kratom can offer, as well as sharing important information related to Kratom use. We believe that an informed Kratom user is a safer and more responsible Kratom user, and we strive to be an educational resource for our customers.

After reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding of how to make your own capsules as well as what encapsulated Kratom product options are available to you.

Q: “How Do I Make My Own Kratom Capsules?”

A: The good news is that making your own Kratom capsules is easy. After you’ve acquired the materials you need to make your first batch, it’ll be a breeze going forward.

To get started making your own Kratom capsules, follow these simple steps:

1. Choose a capsule type.

Generally speaking, the two most popular types of capsules available on the market today are Veggie and Gelatin. Veggie capsules contain hypromellose, cellulose, and purified water, and there are no animal-derived ingredients. They’re vegetarian-friendly, non-GMO, and they contain no preservatives or chemicals. Gelatin capsules are cheaper and slightly more malleable, making them easier for some to work with. However, these capsules contain beef, pork, or chicken byproducts that can include hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals fed to livestock. Gelatin capsules can also be a problem for those who suffer from allergies. If you have the budget for veggie capsules, we recommend them over their gelatin counterpart.

2. Choose your capsule size.

Capsule sizes run from ‘000’ (large) to ‘2’ (small). Yes, it’s confusing, so here’s a quick rundown of how much Kratom fits into each capsule size:

  • Size ‘000’ – 1 gram of Kratom in each capsule.
  • Size ‘00’ – 0.735 grams of Kratom in each capsule.
  • Size ‘0’ – 0.5 grams of Kratom in each capsule.
  • Size ‘1’ – 0.4 grams of Kratom in each capsule.
  • Size ‘2’ – 0.3 grams of Kratom in each capsule.

For many people, a 000-sized capsule is relatively easy to swallow. Those who are used to taking oral medications on a regular basis may have no problem whatsoever using this capsule size.

If you’re unsure which size to start with, start small and work your way up once you feel confident doing so.

Empty capsules are fairly inexpensive. A bag of 1,000 shouldn’t cost more than $15 or so. If you do buy a bulk quantity of capsules (either gelatin or veggie), be sure to store them in a cool, dry place. Moisture and heat can degrade these capsules, sometimes making them altogether useless.

Also, keep in mind that capsules can be used for other herbs and powders, not just Kratom! So, if you’re interested in experimenting with other natural substances like root extracts, mushroom extracts, or other substances, having a nice supply of capsules on hand can come in handy.

3. Pack the capsules with your Kratom strain of choice.

Once you have your capsules and the Kratom powder you want to use, it will be time to get packing!There are capsule-making machines that can make this task faster and easier, and they’re a cinch to use. Just search your favorite online retailer for one, and make sure the machine will accept the capsule size you’ve decided on.what to put in kratom capsules Alternatively, you can pack each capsule individually with a tamper. While this may take more time, it can yield more consistent capsules. Speaking of consistency, it might be a good idea to get yourself a milligram scale and some parchment paper for weighing your Kratom before packing it into capsules.

Making Kratom capsules is a kind of ritual for many people, and they often integrate it into their weekly routines. Once you’ve found the capsules and packing technique that works best for you, it should become like second nature over time.

Q: “Are There Disadvantages to Taking Kratom in Capsule Format?”

A: Compared with taking Kratom in powder format, there are some downsides to going the capsule route.

First, there is the cost and time investment required to obtain and pack the capsules. So, dose-for-dose, your Kratom is going to cost slightly more, and it’s going to take more of your time to prepare.

Second, any orally administered substance that is encapsulated is going to take slightly longer for the body to absorb. Even though both gelatin and veggie caps disintegrate quickly in the stomach, there is still a slight time delay before the Kratom is fully metabolized by the user.

While these two disadvantages are very real, we think they pale in comparison with the benefits of taking Kratom capsules. Remember that capsules are more discreet, and dosing with them is more exact.

Q: “Is Cheaper to Make My Own Kratom Capsules?”

Dollar for dollar, you are likely to spend slightly more money buying encapsulated Kratom compared with making your own.

However, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Unless you operate in a clean room and/or have outstanding sanitizing procedures, it’s probable that your encapsulating environment isn’t as clean as it is when a dedicated Kratom vendor is doing the work for you. Kats Botanicals has the encapsulation process down to a science, and we take every precaution to ensure that our processing equipment and environment is as clean as possible.
  • The capsules, capsule maker, and your time are all investments. In order to consistently make Kratom capsules that each contain the same amount of Kratom, you’re going to be spending a fair amount of time in front of your capsule maker. This might be completely fine for some people, but for others, the time that is spent making the capsules is not worth the money saved in doing so.

Q: “Does Encapsulated Kratom Last Longer than Kratom in Powder Format?”

A: Kratom stored in capsules will tend to stay fresher for longer periods of time, as there is an added barrier between the Kratom and its storage environment.

Moreover, each time you access your bottle of Kratom capsules, you’re not subjecting the contained Kratom to environmental air and potential contamination. The same can’t be said for Kratom powder. So, over time, Kratom capsules will maintain their purity compared with Kratom that is constantly being exposed each time a dose is taken from it.

It’s worth restating the importance of storing your Kratom as you would any other nutritional product or vitamin. Keep it in an airtight, sealed container in a cool, dry place that is out of reach of children and pets.

Q: “Do the Capsules Themselves Have Any Nutritional Value?”

Kratom Capsules in hand

A: Generally speaking, empty gelatin capsules have no nutritional value whatsoever. They contain no fat, no calories, no sodium, and no minerals or vitamins.

Veggie capsules, on the other hand, can contain a small amount of calories. To give you an idea of exactly how much, three empty veggie capsules are going to contain about 10 calories. These calories come in the form of carbohydrates that are a component part of the cellulose that gives them their rigidity.

So, while you may prefer veggie capsules as part of a vegetarian diet, you’re going to necessarily be ingesting just a few more calories as a result. But, because these calories come from a natural source (just like Kratom does!), most consumers are ok with it.

For the Best Kratom Capsules, Choose Kats Botanicals

We want you to have the best possible Kratom experience, dose after dose! And, if that means taking Kratom in capsule format instead of powder, we want to make the buying process as easy as possible.

We go the extra mile to bring you high-quality, expertly packed Kratom capsules that are consistent, pure, and potent.

Which one is better, capsules or powder? It all boils down to what method of taking Kratom works best for you. We encourage you to experiment with both Kratom powder and capsules, so you can arrive at the best administration method for your unique needs.

Have questions? We have answers! There’s a lot we’ve learned in our years of doing business as a reputable online Kratom vendor. We are always eager to share our knowledge with our customers.

Reach out to us on our website or via social media, and we’ll be happy to help!

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