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Thinking Of Taking Kratom Pre-workout For Daily Exercise? Find The Best Kratom For Fitness!

You’ve heard the whispers at the gym… Kratom is winning over fitness enthusiasts everywhere. Before consuming Kratom before your next gym day, let’s address some common questions.

  • What is Kratom? Can it help pre-workout?
  • If so, what kind of Kratom products should you buy to level up your fitness routine?
  • How do I find good Kratom near me?
  • How does Kratom impact your fitness activities?
  • Isn’t Kratom some kind of stimulant? Like an energy drink? (It’s not an energy drink – but a different kind of motivation!)

As one of the most well-respected Kratom brands with a high bar for kratom testing, we’re here to answer your questions about Kratom’s potential benefits as part of your fitness routine


Let us introduce ourselves – We are Kats Botanicals, an industry leader in Kratom and other botanicals like CBD and Kava.

We’re your one-stop shop for all-natural support for whatever fitness level you are! Today, we’re sharing our favorite Kratom-hits-the-gym secrets with you. So, let’s hit the mat and find out how Kratom can impact your fitness goals!

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Kratom’s potentially motivating effects are getting attention in the fitness world. Naturally, fitness enthusiasts want to know how to leverage Kratom’s effects to hopefully improve physical performance. They’ve heard about that botanical boost in motivation and think that’d be perfect for pre-workout.

As we all know –no matter your fitness goals, staying motivated is key to your success! But, what about the other effects of Kratom? To stimulate intrinsic motivation is helpful, but how else can Kratom help?

More on Kratom benefits: Chances are you’ve heard the words “Maeng Da” around the gym. Here’s what Maeng Da Kratom is and how it can help.


If you’re looking for a boost of energy before strenuous exercise, and you’re thinking of dropping the 5-hour energy shots for a Kratom scoop in your pre-workout smoothie – remember to get the all-clear first. When you’re getting started with Kratom it’s best to:

  • Talk to your doctor
  • Discuss with your sports or workout trainers
  • Check the legality of Kratom in your area.

Also, if you’re concerned about drug testing and kratom, here’s some information on that.


Whether you’re into body-building, a leisurely walk each morning for exercise, or a dedicated yoga guru – Kratom may provide support, no matter your level of fitness or type of fitness routine. When it comes to taking Kratom, what’s most important is Kratom effects and how it affects you personally.

Some factors contribute to how this natural boost may impact your workout.

  • Your body – Body composition plays a role – metabolism, general health, and tolerance or sensitivity to plant matter.
  • The amount of Kratom you take – Kratom is dose-dependent, meaning the amount you take impacts the effects. A small dose of your favorite strain may give you the perfect boost, but taking a bigger dose does the opposite for you. It is crucial to approach Kratom use mindfully, observe how certain Kratom strains or doses affect you, and then adjust your doses in a precise and purposeful way. Always follow our suggested serving sizes found on all product packaging.
  • The types of Kratom you choose to take – Different Kratom strains have different effects. It’s best to try different strains and vein colors of Kratom to get a good understanding of how they make you feel. Some Kratom products are simply stronger than others, read more about kratom powder vs kratom extracts.

Speaking of stronger Kratom products, click here to read more about Ultra-enhanced Kratom for your next workout.


Many people report increased energy levels and improved motivation when they use Kratom pre (prior to) exercise. It makes sense that they’d want to incorporate their Kratom dosing into an overall fitness framework by:

  • Taking Kratom at the right time
  • Matching dosing times to coincide with natural energy swings
  • Shifting the fitness schedule to when they feel most active and alert
  • Using Kratom prior to working out for that potential well-being boost,
  • and after working out to potentially support the rest and recovery period

It doesn’t matter if you are weightlifting or going for a hike, there’s a warm-up, workout, rest, and recovery cycle. Taking Kratom before the warm-up is kind of like having a motivational partner in your corner! You can make Kratom tea at home and take it before you leave, or bring capsules or a Kratom shot with you to the gym. (Be sure it’s ok with gym policy.)

Before using Kratom to enhance or elevate your next workout, check out Kats Guidebook articles on different strains. Choose the strain you feel will work best, then make shopping easy with our huge lineup of quality Kratom selections.


You get your best workout when you feel your best and can focus on your physical performance. What’s one thing we can do every day to help with peak performance while optimizing recovery? Sleep, of course!

Sleep is a critical part of the equation to prepare your body for strenuous exercise. Some would say it’s as important as your diet and recovery routine.

The circadian rhythm of our sleep contributes to our physical performance and cognitive function, both of which are critical for a great workout.

“The circadian regulation of sleep and cognitive performance refers to the near 24-hour period cycle present in alertness and sleepiness. During daytime hours, alertness is high and sleepiness is low, whereas the opposite occurs during nighttime. Sleepiness is commonly regarded to have detrimental effects on performance at school or work.” – NCBI

We’d add physical performance at the gym or during your workout to that observation.

  • If your best energy is in the morning, try a refreshing blueberry and banana Kratom smoothie with your breakfast.
  • Prefer later evening? No worries. Some strains work well for later in the day.
  • Add a soothing Red Vein tea to your low-light, wind-down time to promote a restful night sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle any workout.


We recommend getting to know Kratom, how it makes you feel, and then thinking through how it may be of support to your existing workout plan.

Using Kratom potentially can help, but do it responsibly. We also advise:

  • Hydration support – Drink lots of water!
  • Clearing Kratom with your doctor or trainers, especially if you take other medications or supplements.
  • Check bodybuilding or competitive sports regulations to be sure you are in compliance when consuming Kratom before a workout or competition.
  • Avoiding alcohol while taking Kratom.
  • Prioritizing sleep quality. to get the most out of energy and focus.
  • Get Kratom in your system 1/2 to one hour before your workout.
  • Using Kratom responsibly.
  • Following the manufacturer’s guidelines on dosing and dosing frequency.


Before you adopt a new Kratom + Fitness plan, it can help to learn how Kratom works. Kratom comes from a tree native to Southeast Asia that’s related to the coffee plant.

Local fieldhands chewed Kratom leaves for a boost to help them get through strenuous work in the tropical climate of the fields. Local lore – and the fieldworkers! – claimed all sorts of benefits of Kratom. Unknowingly, these hard workers kicked off centuries of natural well-being applications for the Kratom leaf.

This feedback is called anecdotal evidence, meaning, it’s based on human experience and testimony. It’s important to note that these statements aren’t supported by FDA review. This means that it’s up to you to do your full research when incorporating Kratom into your fitness plan. And then, try and observe Kratom’s effects for yourself.


Like other plant-based supplements, Kratom has naturally “active” compounds. The active compounds in Kratom are called alkaloids. Two main Kratom alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, are the most impactful in terms of benefits. These alkaloids interact with receptors in our bodies and impact how we feel.

Kratom products are made by crushing Kratom leaves, preserving the alkaloid content and plant matter for easy consumption. Different regions produce Kratom trees that vary in leaf size, alkaloid content, veining coloration, natural taste, and scent.

Need help choosing the right Kratom strain for yourself? Read more about the different types of Kratom strains.


When you’re going into a Kratom routine – there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Kratom can help different people in different ways.

The Red Maeng Da your trainer loves, for example, may not be right for you. We’ll get to the strain in a moment, but first consider the form of Kratom you want to try.


If you like mixing and measuring and want precise control over your dosing – then Kratom powders are the way to go. Newbies should start with a low dose, 1-2 grams (or less) with 2.4 grams being the average serving size of the powders.

Do not exceed two doses in 24 hours. (This applies to all forms and types of Kratom.)

Learn more: How to use Kratom Powders.


Kratom capsules provide the same great plant material packed into easy capsules (or in some cases tablets) to make consumption easy, fast, and discreet. Each Kats Botanicals capsule is part of a 4-capsule dose, which gives you the option of taking a lesser dose if that’s what your body needs.

Learn more: Kratom Capsules Guide.


A Kratom shot is a small bottle of liquid concentration Kratom that you drink. Check your bottle for how many doses are in one shot, because these are made with Kratom extracts and can be quite potent. Measure and take your dose and chase it with a refreshing swallow of juice, water, or coconut milk. These convenient bottles make your next Kratom dose quick, portable, and quickly bioavailable.

Learn more: Kratom extracts.


Next, choose the Kratom strain you want to try.


Kratom comes in a vein color + the area where the Kratom trees were grown (or in some cases an industry name in place of the region).

So, you’ll see things like:

  • Red Elephant Kratom = Product is Red Vein + Elephant which is an industry name denoting a particular strain
  • Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom = Green Vein grown in the Kapuas Hulu region
  • White Borneo Kratom = White Vein sourced from the Borneo region


Many Kratom enthusiasts turn to White Vein Kratom or Green Vein Kratom for pre-workout, but since individual responses can vary with vein coloration, which veins should you choose? We recommend matching what is average for a Vein to your most impactful need.

Choose the vein color you want based on the benefits you want:

  • Reds tend to promote relaxing
  • Whites tend to promote more motivating
  • Greens tend to be somewhere in between Whites and Reds
  • Blends tend to take on the influence of the most dominant vein, with the added influence of a less dominant vein

Note: There are lots of specialty Kratom blends that combine the effects of different veins.


What Kratom strains may contribute to enhanced slaying at your next training session?

We got suggestions for:

  • Pre-workout– beginners
  • Pre-workout – experienced Kratom users
  • Post-workout recovery support – anyone


Green and White Vein Kratom strains work well for pre-workout. Try:

  • White Bali Kratom Capsules. Start slow – one capsule initially – and increase your pre-workout dose up to the recommendation of four capsules as you learn how the product makes you feel.
  • For a premium Kratom in a Green Vein option, try Green Bali, a smooth, less-earthy, less-bitter powder option to power up your next workout routine.


Enhanced Kratom or Maeng Da varieties are most appropriate for experienced Kratom users. Try:

  • Cluster AF! Trainwreck Kratom. A blend of White and Green veins, this product is power-packed for your workout. Also, because each batch varies slightly, it keeps your same strain syndrome at bay.
  • Maeng Da Kratom in White or Green. Yellow Maeng Da may also be a good choice. It’s made with 80% White with 20% Red providing both a well-being kick but also a touch of chill.


Many Kratom users swear by Red Veins for essential support during the after-workout recovery period, citing relief for muscle soreness and relaxation.

If you want to try a Red Vein Kratom to see if you find relief after you work hard at the gym, we recommend starting with a soothing evening Red like our Wild Red Bali Powders. Make a relaxing cup of Kratom tea and get in your ZZZs!


Lastly, only choose the highest quality Kratom. These are often marked by the approval of the American Kratom Association.

Thankfully, Kats Botanicals provides a variety of affordable, premium botanical solutions to complement your best active foot forward and lift your well-being in all the right ways.

You can count on us to provide the best and purest forms of Kratom, Kava, CBD, and more! We ensure all of our products with thorough product testing and back your purchases with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. From all of us here at Kats Botanicals – we wish you the best in all your fitness goals!

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