Tips To Make Kratom Stronger

Kratom Potentiators & Other Tips To Make Kratom Stronger

If you’ve been using Kratom powder for some time, you may be looking for a way to enhance your experience, make your Kratom tea stronger, or stretch out those benefits and make them last a little longer. It makes sense to get the most out of your efforts and your Kratom products.

As a leading Kratom vendor accredited with the American Kratom Association, we at Kats Botanicals are happy to share our knowledge on how Kratom works, and how you can get the most out of your Kratom experience. No muss, no fuss, let’s get you the info you need to level up your well-being today!

We’ll cover:

  • Tips for how to maximize the potency of Kratom.
  • The best Kratom potentiators to boost the alkaloids.
  • The different strains of Kratom we recommend for Kratom coffee.
  • And other tips for your daily Kratom routine to get more kick out of your product.

Let’s go!


Kratom is a powerful well-being tool. While newbies may not need to make their Kratom stronger just yet, anyone and everyone who uses Kratom will have those days when a little extra kick is needed. For Kratom enthusiasts who use Kratom regularly, like with many botanicals, you need to turn the dial up sometimes – so you need all those tips and tricks to make your Kratom stronger.

What’s the benefit of having a stronger Kratom? Let’s highlight what you can expect when you take your Kratom to the next level:

  • Quicker “kick in”
  • Lasting effects
  • Use less plant material overall (Great for those sensitive to digesting plant matter.)
  • Less Kratom dosage mean you may save money and your products last longer
  • Amplify a favorite favorite Kratom strain that doesn’t feel strong enough on those tough days
  • Get over a tolerance plateau
  • Potentiating can help you avoid switching to Kratom extracts if that’s your preference
  • Extra strength when you need it most – before the gym, during a stressful time, when you really need a good night’s sleep, or to get a lot of stuff done.
  • Shake up your Kratom experience and keep things fresh!

The possibilities of a stronger Kratom at your fingertips are endless. You know your body and what you need. So if it’s a stronger Kratom you’re after, here are a variety of ways you can get just that.


Before we dive in, we must address the elephant in the room – Kratom quality. In a non-regulated Kratom industry, finding top-quality Kratom highly impacts your Kratom experience.

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We don’t mean to sound elitist on this, but if you spend any time shopping online for Kratom – as an enthusiast, or the ‘just curious’ – you’ll see the market is saturated with sub-par Kratom products masquerading as high-quality Kratom.

Some of these are riddled with impurities, fillers, and useless materials that do not support your Kratom journey – at all.

Not only is this potentially unsafe, it means you could be taking a low-quality product that is insufficient in alkaloid content, wastes your time and money, and muddies your Kratom experience. If you aren’t feeling what you want from your Kratom, analyze the product and vendor to be sure you are consuming high-quality Kratom.

  • Look for AKA-supported vendors
  • Review a vendor’s testing standards
  • Look for label and testing transparency
  • Make sure a vendor practices cGMP

Kats Botanicals meets and exceeds all of these qualifications, and backs up all products with a money-back purchasing promise for shoppers. From advanced Kratom testing procedures to our ethical cGMP methods, we provide only the most pure and potent experiences for our Kratom users.


One popular way to get the most out of your Kratom dose is to do something called “potentiating” your Kratom. This means consuming Kratom along with other substances that naturally give the botanicals a boost, thereby increasing its effects and longevity.


You may have heard that you can potentiate Kratom to make it stronger. And it’s true! Some substances naturally amplify the alkaloids in Kratom. While we may not fully understand all the mechanics of how this works, we do know that potentiators, as we call them, seem to provide a natural kick to Kratom. Certain acids, like citrus acids, partner well with Kratom use, enhancing its effects and longevity. Some users also claim that cannabis products like CBD can extend the feel-good experience.

If you plan to use Kratom with any other bioactive substances, supplements, or medications, it’s recommended to discuss this with your medical provider. It’s also important to avoid Kratom and alcohol when using Kratom to avoid any potential adverse complications.


Potentiating your Kratom is easy. A more potent Kratom experience is as quick as a few mindful tricks when preparing your doses – creating fun twists to your routine. This means you can add certain substances to your Kratom tea, chase your Kratom with particular drinks, or store your Kratom a little differently. This works with all your favorite Kratom strains.


Here are our favorite ways to potentiate Kratom and make the effects of your Kratom even more impactful. Plus, a lot of these are fun ways to spruce up your Kratom brew with a fresh flavor you may enjoy.


Citrus fruits and citrus juices are one of the most popular ways to potentiate Kratom – and it helps mask the bitter taste of Kratom. Mix Kratom doses with the following or consume these at the same time you take your Kratom for that extra kick of flavor and effects:

  • Grapefruit – Grapefruit and grapefruit juice provide antioxidants, Vitamin C, and potassium, and enzymes that boost Kratom’s alkaloids. All the more reason to have a slice of grapefruit with your breakfast, then take your dose of Kratom powders or Kratom capsules.
  • Orange juice, limes, & lemons – Strengthen your Kratom with a flavorful kick with these beloved citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C. Mix Kratom powder in 8 oz of orange juice, and garnish with an orange slice. Give your regular Kratom tea a splash of lemon or lime – and drink up! (Cute umbrella garnish is optional but recommended, especially for our tropical Bali Kratom selections.)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar ACV has a host of wellness perks, plus it potentiates your Kratom! Add 1-2 tablespoons to your Kratom drink, some honey for sweetness, and drink up!


Kratom users may be surprised to know that a simple change in how you store your Kratom makes a big difference in its impact. Freezing the prepped Kratom drink helps break down those plant cell walls and open up the alkaloids for absorption.

We don’t mean simply putting the bag in the freezer, but creating a freezable paste or ice cubes out of your pre-prepared Kratom drink. Dissolve one dose into a small amount of water and freeze it into ice cubes that equal one dose each.

When you’re ready for a dose, thaw a Kratom dose cube into water and drink! For an extra bit of strength, add a dash of turmeric or cayenne pepper. Both of these spices help to potentiate your Kratom’s strength and help mask the bitterness of Kratom. Other Kratom recipes can be tweaked to accommodate potentiation and your tastes for a Kratom beverage that’s perfect for you!


Kratom and caffeine is highly discussed. While many Kratom users prefer to skip caffeine in lieu of using Kratom, others swear by the effects of Kratom + caffeine. Ironically, the Kratom plant, Mitragyna speciosa, is related to the coffee plant. Because coffee and Kratom are botanically related, they pair nicely. Beyond combining them you may want to sample different Kratom varieties with your coffee to see which pairing serves you best.

White Vein Kratom and Green Vein Kratom both mix well with coffee for a perk-me-up, but don’t forget the Reds, Yellows, and Specialty Kratom Blends. Some users appreciate a small influence of Red Vein, especially if caffeine is prone to causing them jitters.


  • Try a Yellow Vein Kratom in your coffee. Our Yellow Maeng Da is blended with 20% Red Vein for a little smoother kick.
  • If you like a sweet southern kick to your Kratom, try dissolving your powders into a mug of warmed sweet tea! Kratom + caffeine + sweetness!
  • Consider some of our Specialty Kratom Blends like The Wedge and Digital Buddha, both of which are Green Vein and White Vein dominant with a touch of Red.

Try to consume Kratom on an empty stomach to let those powders kick right into your digestion. For some users, this makes the Kratom experience last longer and feel more impactful. Taking Kratom on an empty stomach may bother a sensitive tummy, but you may add a bit of ginger powder and turmeric. Remember that turmeric can help with Kratom potentiation.


If you’re using regular Kratom powders, consider enhanced Kratom products, which have been boosted with extra alkaloids. The next step “up” in potency from enhanced Kratom products would be to go to Kratom shots. Both of these options are recommended for more experienced Kratom users.

Click here to learn more about Kratom extracts and enhanced Kratom products.


It may help to just take a break. Reset your body’s tolerance. As with many other botanicals, your body gets used to the bioactive properties and a reset can help you feel those effects more like you used to feel them. This is a great option for those Kratom users who want to keep their Kratom use minimal and steady, rather than increasing doses. Here’s a helpful guide on comfortably resetting your Kratom tolerance.


There are so many Kratom strains to choose from, both in venation and regional Kratom varieties.

If you’re not getting the experience you need from your Kratom, it may mean you are simply using the wrong strain for your needs. Try the potentiating tricks and if you’re still not feeling it, sample a few other veins and strains of Kratom. Kratom isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of botanical. It takes a little sampling to find what’s best for you.


Brewing Kratom tea is one of the most popular and versatile ways to consume Kratom. But some Kratom users back off the dose to avoid making the tea too bitter. If you do not take the proper dose your body needs, then naturally this will impact your effects and how long they last.

If this is what’s happening for you, here are a few tips to get in your full dose:

  • Make the tea stronger to include the full dose you need. (The ‘suck-it-up’ and ‘just do it already’ method!)
  • Offset the bitterness of your Kratom tea with fruit juice, sweeteners, or mint.
  • Make a weaker tea that you enjoy, but supplement with Kratom capsules to get in the amount you need.
  • Switch to Kratom capsules altogether to avoid the bitter taste of Kratom.
  • Then, consider potentiators along with your dose.

Notes: It’s ok to use a combination of Kratom forms as long as you stick to the daily dosing requirements. Do not exceed dosing recommendations – Between Kratom powders and Kratom capsules, one dose of Kratom should be 2.4 grams or less. Additionally, do not consume Kratom more than twice per day.


The most impactful Kratom experience is delivered with the potency and purity of high-end (yet affordable!) Kats Botanicals’ Kratom. We know that your experience is directly impacted by all we do behind the scenes to create the finest Kratom solutions for all your wellness needs.

This is why we won’t stop pursuing excellence at every stage from the jungles of Indonesia to the mug on your table.

If you’ve enjoyed learning about how to make Kratom stronger, there’s so much more information available to help you on your Kratom journey at our Kats Kratom Guidebook.

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Tips To Make Kratom Stronger